Wheelie School 17th Feb

Just to let anyone thats intrested know, there’s one space left for this coming saturday, Anyone up for it give me a shout

All the details are here


i would loved to have come dude, but thats just too short notice for me, i live in munich.

Not enough notice?? You could walk here by Saturday

Is it open for learners???

It’s a school! We are all going to be learners

Anyway, would love to go but Saturdays are out for me at the moment. But might be getting a wheelie school birthday pressie from some very lovely friends of mine

we’re not all as lucky as you are fridayman with regards to “TOO MUCH FREE TIME ON YA HANDS”, some of us do have commitments ya know!..

LOL, I call it career engineering

What time you going on friday, Fridayman ? Dont want you nicking the best room

Were leaving Kilburn Madia Vale bout 7.30pm

What are you implying about Kilburn??

Nothing, just letting Fridayman know wot time were leaving…Must have moved the bounderies


Dunno yet - have to wait for the missus to get back from work, then trek all the way round the M25 (from Woking)… aaarrgghhhh!!! Don’t think we will be there before you.

The B&B did ask “… not THE fridayman… can we offer you our presidential suite?”
I said “Best not, THE Terry is also coming!”

Will probably be hitting the A1 Apex corner (I think were going A1, I’ll have to check ) bout 7.45, I’ll pm you me number. Giss a shout if your on your way bout that time

Your probably catch us up, Tug drives like he rides

I might get Ness to catch a train towards St.Albans area after work (she works in Victoria), then I can leave earlier and try to miss the M25 Friday evening madness.

Sounds like a good idea, Euston goes out to Watford junc , or maybe meet us in Madia Vale, we can all head out together The traffic should’ent be to bad, It’s half term

I’ll input the info into my GPS (Ness) and see what route she comes up with - would be good to meet up somewhere.

A1 then A16 looks favorite, Should only take a couple of hours. Think the bars open to residents till late

I’ve booked the pack lunches for the saturday & yes Shewolf I’ve told em you dont want anything white & Gooey in your sandwiches

Remember to bring your


Your armoured riding kit & boots

Driving Licence

And your niagra’s

I’ve got the Jimmyfirebl*de school dvd to watch in the car on the way down, so we should be experts by the time we get there

Funnily enough, the 17th really is my burfday!

I think it goes without saying but I hope you have a wicked burfday

GP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps - don’t forget about the open invited to the dogs, wimbledon, 3rd March