Wheele School (Learn2Wheelie)

Last Friday I was at Learn2Wheelie (www.learn2wheelie.co.uk) funniliy enough learning to wheelie!

They are based at Dunsfold Airfield (home of top gear)

Weather was good, I arrived at 9am eager to learn one of the biking holy grails.

Tea / coffie and biscuits on arrival :slight_smile: while Nick gave us a safety briefing, quick change into my leathers and Nick set about explaining the mechanics of how to wheelie. Nick uses the clutch method so you can use this on any bike, rather than doing a power wheelie.

Nick breaks a wheelie down into steps, getting you to do each step over and over until you are proficient, then moving onto the next step.

We started off on quads (with normal bike controls) to get us used to hoisting the front without it tipping sideways on landing.

We then moved onto the standard Fazer, these were slightly different as the power comes in differently than the quads, but after a few goes we were getting the hang of it again.

By the end of the day I was doing 20-40m wheelies for 80% of the time.

A day sounds a long time, but when you are battling with your own fears about tipping, flipping and crashing you do need all day. We didnt cover ballance wheeling. That’s where you can use your body weight to keep the bike up, (once you have hoisted it up with the clutch) we kept the bike up with the throttle, using this method of course when you hit max revs the bike will come down, but that would require more time…well for me, some of you with less fear and better skills might do it on the first day.

All in all a fantastic way to spend a Friday, I will be going back so get more proficient!


Congrats… Just don’t try it outside the Ace as everyone seems to come off there :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you had a good day mate, dont wheelie when we’re away:w00t::smiley:

nice wheelie! I been tempted to try learn 2 wheelie but I think i’ll wait till I get engine bars :stuck_out_tongue:

if conradb ever sells his fazer :frowning:


yeh no wheelies outside the Ace, must be some magic there that makes riders crash.


I want to complete a whole trip this year so wont risk it, all though the weight of the luggage might make it easier.

… and I havent done it on my own bike yet, thats just as scary as when I started the day!

Put it this way, if you break down or crash this year i will sit on the curb and cry with you:w00t:

that was a good day - y’all picked it up well… and that vid clip looked a touch longer than 40 meters I reckon.