wheel tape

just wonderd if any ones used that tape to put lines on your rims . seen it on ebay and wonderd if its hard to put on ? and is it any good ? thanks

I use it, it’s great, the curved stuff from an eBay seller called decaldesign.co.uk seems best, it’s what I’ve used. It’s not to everyones taste, but everyone I’ve shown it to likes it so far. It’s very easy to put on, takes about fifteen minutes with a small stall and clean rims.

yeah thanks for pic … your bike looks lovely mate very nice . i think i will get some …

Bike looks good mate, im looking for a screen for mine smoked double bubble. How easy to fit rear wavy disc as iv got one for mine, but going to leave front discs as they feel great.

i got a db screen from skidmark s its not to bad the fit is ok and it feels much better to ride was £55. plus pp

Any chance of seeing a pic of screen please

sorry mate have no pics off it yet … but they have pics on there web site…hope that helps

Hi Jay wheres your rear brake res, i know theres a tube is that it. And look s Moto GP

Hey Pete, yes, the pipe IS the reservoir now, as only a very small amount of fluid is required for the rear brake, there’s just no reason for such a large one as is stock fitment. It’s most likely a Health & Safety issue that means it has to be so.

I recently cut it down as I realised I had excess length. I’m looking at a better solution, i.e. a darker hose with stronger and more attractive end caps and clips.

Hello mate are you putting front wavys on, iv heard that there not as goood as standard ???

Hi Pete,

No, I won’t be putting front waveys on, I’m not sold on their effectiveness, unless the correct model waveys are chosen, with the right pads and right calipers, so it’s a big deal to ensure you get the right setup for what is only a marginal improvement in performance. A better buy would be a pair of Brembo track discs, which will improve the stopping power as well as look that bit closer to the Superbike look. I also don’t care much for the look of most waveys, I think they look like they’re trying a bit too hard to look good.

You can get reflective rim tape. It’s in roll but it’s easy to put on, esp. if you have stands. There’s a few pic’s of it here http://www.bikepics.com/members/jananddavid/00cbr600/ on my old 600. It’s called rimstealth and I got it from www.tapeworks.com.

As your mum would say, be seen be save.