Wheel Spin? Urgent answer need today!!

thefastone have an offer on atm and I was gonna buy a couple of oxford chains but this also caught my eye:


Should I get this? Looks simpler to use/fit than a paddock stand and a bit cheaper? Should that be OK? Me and OH would be using it just to get our chains lubed properly :smiley:


Offer ends today so help!! :w00t:

Interesting idea…

This is what I do http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic576479-50-1.aspx?

no, they’re a bit crap. the weight of the bike is resting on the tyre so its not ‘that’ easy to turn the tyre and make the job more labourious and slower

also they’re basically open bearings so when they get water on them they tend to rust up

had one of these when i first started out and binned it. paddock stands are far easier

Friend of mine suggested this:


Will that be OK to use for a Gladius and a 2000 Bandit?

That looks perfectly good ,certainly for the Bandit,can’t picture the swingarm for the Gladius,but if it is’nt suitable for cups you just get bobbins and hooks and Bobs your Uncle!!! Hours of fun:D

Got meself the stand and a couple of oxford chains on offer. yay

PS thanks guys :smiley:

just what I was going to say…

You could try this.

Clamps over your chain and can lube or clean it as you wheel the bike.


paddock stands…perfect tool for the job

theyre handy for replacing chains too.

and adjusting chains…

and for cleaning

i think all bike owners should have one.


Got my stand :smiley: Is it OK to leave the bike up on the stand for a few days?

I’m guessing i’ve not overly panicked anyone and it’s been there a few days now anyway :stuck_out_tongue: