Wheel Rim Tape (to add colour)

So if you had a black sports bike, most things are black but you wanted to add colour in some little areas…

…would you use wheel rim tape?

I personally like it, if done properly and it ties in with the bike!

My old R6:



Only if you wanted it to look really gay (sorry Westie:) ).

Where is Chunky Monkey? - he’ll explain :smiley:

I looked Gay? No wonder Pestie wouldn’t leave me alone!

The name of the product should be enough to put you off.

I think it looks alright, only on sportsbikes though. Mind you I did have a chav car with alloys, skirts and a big sub so to be honest, my taste may not be the same as everyone else’s! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it on mine… it’s fine :smiley:

do it!

I used rim tape… and it got taken off in a respray… am toying with the idea of replacing it (black bike, red honda wing, so got to be red tape really).

…not on a harley tho, that would look… odd.

ALOT of people hate it. I never knew. I dont see a big issue with it. its not permanent and sets it quite nicely.

My wheel trims are black but reflect white. So under normal light the are barely noticeable on the black wheels. :smiley:

Otherwise… they just look a bit over kill.

go for red white and green

nah dont do it u could do somthing better to it like

u would not put a classy sexy woman into a chavs tracksuit would you

The rim tape on my gsxr faded and when I took it off the paint came with it

Had it on my ZX6R when i bought it and took it off. Personally didn’t like it. Can look good on some bikes though.


:wink: Best reason yet - beware the devil tape!

fixed that for you

i have it on my supermoto wheels i like it =] looks like i have awesome white walls haha and most of them are reflective so it makes you more seen XD

think it looks good if done right

Might get it in white, I’m thinking white accents on the bike, take away some of the blackness, want a black moleskin seat with a small m in white in the corner, if only I knew a good seamstress who does leather/suede work? :smiley:

Sorry to see you`ve had a sex change, no wonder you feel the need for a moleskin seat:w00t:

Sounds like you need Micropore tape rather than rim tape.