Wheel Painting

Anyone know where I can get a set of cast wheels sprayed? or powder coated I guess? South London/Kent area? any members on here able to do them? They are just a gloss black colour I beleive. from a thundercat?


Adept industrial finishers in Thornton Heath did a great job of my cbr rims.

wasnt sure at first about the company as I didn’t know what they were like with bike stuff but when I got there they had loads of bike stuff. Wheels, fairings, metal work etc… think they cost me 42 quid per wheel for shot blasting and a powder coating.

They also do spraying there.

I’ll spray them for you if you like…

It’s not quite as hard-wearing as powder coat, you need to be careful when changing tyres, but on the plus side paint gives a thinner coating and polishes up better IMO.

Here are some wheel I’ve done:


Colour coat:

Clear lacquer - different bike!:

PM if you wamt to sort something out!

fancy spraying mine conrad :wink:

I had my boy’s car wheels painted in black gloss, look amazing and baked in the oven… Cost £120 + vat per wheel.