Wheel out!

Well, further to recent posts about taking out the back tyre, and Chuffster’s words of advice, I’ve whipped the bugger out in 10mins!!!

Off to the tyre place now, hoping it’s just the valve, and I know the re-assembling in gonna be harder and longer so i’ll let y’all know how that goes…

I love this DIY thing.

Should take you about the same time to put it back in. Make sure you get the spacers back in the correct position. Easy way is to push spindle in from brake side of bike. Get the spindle through the adjusting block and just into the caliper mount. You then have to hold the wheel up while trying to get the spindle in, this is where it helps to have 2 peeps! Make sure that you keep the wheel up in the swingarm otherwise the spacer always falls out on the cog side and you have to start again and start swearing and cursing.

Tip, to try and hold the spacers on the wheel use a thick blob of grease, you can always wipe off afterwards and it can save a lot of time.

Practice makes perfect…!!!

You can come and practice on my race bike next season if you like.

This is great - like an online Haynes Manual.

That’s a nice offer Chuffster, but do I detect a (not so well) hidden agenda? :wink:


And you wouldn’t want to paddle around on, never mind race on a bike I’ve messed with… god help me for the weekend.

Nice one Andrew, welcome to the world of DIY maintenance

We all have to start somewhere, I did after all. the best way to learn is to get on with it and ask for advice/watch others do it. Now if you want to come be a wheel changer next season feel free. I will check the work but don’t take that as an insult, I check everyones work on my bikes.

Hehe you never know mate.

Anyway - status check.

Tyre dropped at Colin Collins (?!) in Watford at 3.30pm. They leave message at 5pm (I’m in Tescos) to say it’s done.

Pick it up this morning - repair done so large rubber bit sticking out that allegedly wears off once under way. Hmm. Anyway, £17 is better than poke in the eye and a new tyre if it’s not needed.

Start replacing wheel at 1pm. After washing and regreasing stuff, and swearing rather imaginatively at the wheel and associated bits, it’s a wrap by 2pm. Top stuff and the grease trick worked a treat Chuffster, ta!

Flushed with success, and the effort of raising wheel while threading the spindle thru it, I whip the fairings off (for the first time I’m ashamed to admit) and give the girl I right good scrub. Also R&G fork protectors installed to match the exhaust protector.

So now she’s back together, looking spanking, only one fairing screw went missing (doh!) so job well done if I say so myself.

Thanks for the encouragement guys, and who knows where this could lead?

Congratulations. Job completed and it was not really that difficult after all.