i’m Stu from SA. Just moved over to UK. Sadly had to sell my GSXR before I moved… Looking to get in touch with bikers from the other half of the world. This is a cool site…


Newbie welcome another newbie, hello

It’s about blardy time you signed up n all.

Welcome to the site mate and ill have a espresso when you get a mo.Ta.

Hey SAStu, welcome to LB, and London! What are you looking to replace the GSXR with, another?

Easy tiger - welcome to LB.

Come on in and feel the love

Hoping to get another GSXR 1000… when / if the bank balance allows. I Miss her terribly!

Yea Stu,you dont half go on about that bike you left back in SA.Methinks you need to buy one here in blighty.

Yeah and then get your arse down Cubana

Hey Stu

which part of SA u from??? I am from Cape Town…

Anyway welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick or in your case sjambok



Stu Your coming out with the lads from the site on 13th October.

See here:http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=52&MessageID=109036

We might be meeting the girls later so make sure you have clean boxers and have a shower just in case

Welcome to LB

poke poke n SMACK with the newbie crutches

Welcome to lb


Hey Stu, a warm Newbie to Newbie welcome…

From JHB GP… Gangsters paradise.

What you up to AJ ?

Yeah Damo I’m keen to come out one evening.

You leave AbbeyJ alone! I saw her first

Welcome buddy

Hello and welcome

You’ve only been here 5 mins and your reputation preceeds you (just been on the speed dating thread ha ha)

I was out in JHB in march, interesting place… such a big sky

See you on 2nd at the ace maybe?

Hi and welcome to LBs, maybe meet you on the 2nd


Yeah… should be coming along.

What were you doing in Jhb ?