Whats your favourite type of road?

When you plan a route, which type of road do you aim for?

y they “nasty” twisty roads??

Read the N.London meet thread;)

I had to say race track… only then can I feel comfortable that some dickhead aint going to cut me up… or drive the worng way…

Of course, friendly edging out is fine! lol!

It’s gotta be twisty roads and dual carriageways!!!

Have answered poll as well…

A racetrack if I could afford it, but that is not realistic 99.9% of the time. ‘Nasty’ country roads are nice when it is warm, dry and bright. At night or in the cold and wet they are a death trap.

I like a mixture of twisties and fast A roads but nothing beats the track :cool:

Can I vote for 3??

Big sweeping fast flowing A roads please:D, my Pan is not best suited for tight twisties but it dosent stop me from having a go:w00t: But for the sheer fun of seeing the surprise on cagers faces I love filtering in town:cool:

At last someone with common sense, exactly what i was trying to say on herts meet thread !! We found that out on rideout sarurday it was a mixture of country roads, fast A roads etc and sunny weather so nice and safe, I for one wouldnt have been comfortable riding that route at night even remotely close to the leagal speed limits, let alone straying over them, wimp maybe but will still be around for my kids.

Couldn’t agree with your last staement more steveGSX…

i love twisty and bendy country roads as long as teh surface aint tooo bad, some conrners become 1st/2nd gear hairpins! its great some bits open up allowing quite decent speeds…others are twisty and intimate…i love it!

chunky knows where some of our route is, as nuts said in teh wet, or dark its a no-no, i tried it in the dark once, all round broxbourbe,roydon hamlet, jacks hatch etc lordy! that, some bits are so dark,it just freaked me out, never again!:w00t:

but i do like motorways/a-roads with long sweeping bends…and no fugging cameras!!!

Fast flowing A roads for me, please…something like the Flint Hills Scenic Byway will work just perfectly. :smiley:

yea that ride on saturday had everything you could want :smiley:

Truth be known I like most roads because I just like riding my bike :slight_smile:

Ok except for motorways they are the most boring roads ever wet or dry. :crazy:

Some say lanes are safer at night as there are less horses, tractors & you can see oncoming lights - but riding beyond limits on them is dangerous day or night, wet or dry.

Good fun poll Chunks :stuck_out_tongue:

I have ridden these roads in the dark & in the wet - I just adjust my riding accordingly & use my common sense :slight_smile: I still get home & see my kids :stuck_out_tongue: Much safer than Central London in broad daylight IMO :cool:

they certainly are rideable, as you say grim you just have to adjust, still aint much fun is it? my perception of teh road changes at night, bend are harder, cant see alot down teh lanes even on full beam its hard work, you go a bit faster with more confidence during the day i find.

Obviously you adjust your riding to suit the conditions but I would vote country lanes and sweepy A roads:cool:

I find country lanes easier to ride at night as you have very little in the way of traffic and you can see oncoming for ages before its on top of you.

I’d rather ride 10 miles in the dark on a lane than 2 miles in daytime London traffic;)