whats your favourite kind of music at the moment?

Junglist Forever!! :smiley: i love it ricky, havent listened to it of late just present day DnB…must dig out teh old mix tapes…Hyper-d…Nicky Blackmarket…OH YESH!!!

Planet Rock on dab


Daily coding-juice seems to be some heavy dnb or some of the first nu-rock stuff like Linkin Park/Disturbed, etc.

My son has been working as a shifter for Iron Maiden on their new tour and it’s coming through the ceiling quite a bit so I’m listening to that quite a bit…lol

Can’t fuggin stand them though:D:D:D

I’m guessing that your son, as a shifter, pushes the members of Iron Maiden along in their bath chairs and ensures their tartan blankets are neatly on their laps to keep them warm? :smiley:

Haha…yeah something like that:D

Feelin’ the MISFITS again at the minute.

Dig up her bones


wouldnt mind a bit of this though :wink:


ohhh how i miss university student union!!! :D:D:D

Seasick Steve seems to be consuming my life at the moment


Think ill have to watch Kevin and Perry Go Large again!

Oh go on then, check out this…



I finished Save Me and C’mon Then this week…well, yesterday.

As for what I’ve been into lately is Celtic and metal…same as ever :slight_smile:

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Sort it out Moley;):smiley:

Try again! :smiley:


is this u playing?

Yup :slight_smile:

Excellent stuff Moley:cool:

i can see that being a part of a film score :slight_smile:

wow thats bloody amazing, ive been playing this kind of stuff for past few months :slight_smile:

i love the violin

Thank you for your listens CM and Steve, really chuffed you like it. I appreciate that. :slight_smile: