whats your favourite kind of music at the moment?

At the moment, mine seems to be classical…

anything with violins, and or pianos.

Vanessa Mae is quite cool

so what about everyone else?

usual thing for me is R+B but also a bit partial to the indie stuff.

arctic monkeys, the automatic but bought Duffy’s album and thats pretty good aswell.

oh oh and ol’ blue eyes is never far from the ol’ cd player…

so in other words i guess i’ll listen to anything…

vanessa mae though…hhhhmmmm not sure

liking the new bassline tunes by h20 ft platinum, delinquent, and many more, always like the rnb scene but into indie stuff too lke a&e by goldfraap and liking sam sparrow black n gold :cool:

What i’ve alwasy liked! Drum N Bass,some hip-hop/rap, metal/rock ie metallica, slipknot, sepultura, killswitch engage, nirvana etc:D and i like nina simone!

lately tho jose gonzaleze is geting played alot, amongst the usual!!

Anything that sounds good.

I’m quite partial to stuff produced by Mark Ronson at the moment:)

i saw him last month at Hammersmith…

the show was ok but none of his ‘big’ artists were there.

He just played the guitar under spotlight all night.

I’m not sure I#d wanna see Amy Shitehouse on stage anyway… thank god for radio;):smiley:

i was one of the mugs that forked out for her concert after her husband got nicked…needless to say i WON’T be paying to see her again…

Don’t you mean Incarcerated? Thats her word of the week;):smiley:

i had a word for her during her show but it was only 4 letters long…

liking a bit of everything at the moment, but Grounds for divorce by elbow is my fave right now http://youtube.com/watch?v=iL4mywCOJXA

Recently I have been listening to some early/mid 90s hardcore (dance) aaaah nostalgia !


whos got the glowsticks? white gloves…n jack n jills!!!:D:P

those were the days!:cool:

I like mine Smoooth’un Jazzy!:
David Sanborn
Joe Samples
Marcus Miller
Peter White
Bob James

Latin jazz too! :cool:

come to think of it I’ve been listenin to a fair bit of 90’s dance lately :w00t:

lads see here - http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic275400-84-2.aspx

knew there had to be a few of ya keeping the faith on 'ere :cool:

I’ve been listening to alot of old hardcore at the mo, followed by a dose of jungle :smiley: Taking me way back :w00t::cool:

Green Velvet, Steve Bicknell, Jeff Mills etc.

Any Cavalo Marinho, Maracatu de Baque Solto, Embolada.

and Miles Davis, Charlie Parker John Coltrane etc.