Whats your favourite Cheese???

A nice crumbly Lancashire.

But like most cheeses.

try to avoid cheese

I am in the too many good cheeses to list camp.

Love it all but particular favourites are Snowdonia (all types), mature Stilton, Jahlsberg (on occasion), and Feta which really sets off the Bulgarian “Shopska” salad that seems to be my in-demand speciality - the result of about two years living with a Bulgarian (their food is very, very nice).

One time I went into a very good fromagerie in Paris and asked for the strongest, smelliest cheese they had. That was definitely the best cheese I ever had, but sadly forgotten the name. It was conical shaped, like a funnel. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me!

Haha, that includes knob :w00t:

The best cheese? Welsh mature cheddar. Sheeps cheese. Gorgonzola. Jarlsberg. Anything expensive.

Apparently Greeks eat the most cheese

“Hey baby, you come here often?”
“Would you like to?”

Now we are talking cheese, jeez get with the programme Doods.

hmmmm i want one now…

Right now, tickler. But it changes pretty often.

Havarti with salami on a fresh bagel :smiley:

My favourite is Haloumi, fried with bacon and served between two slices of toast with Iceburg lettuce and thai sweet chilli sauce… :wink:


Wot:w00t: No Marmite???

I wouldn’t know what that tastes like, I’ll give Shauna a bell and ask her :wink:

lmao - I’ve been waiting all day for a reply! :hehe:

PMSL, great answer from Tiggi… :smiley:

Never tried that actually! I’ll try it next time! :wink:

I too love Cathedral City Mature.

Sorry, I can just see you now at the pc all day refreshing every 5 mins…LOSER :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to be done :smiley:

Just made three slices of Cathedral City Mature on toast with worcestershire sauce! Nom nom nom! :smiley: