Whats your favourite Cheese???

As above really.

For me its got to be Cathedral City Mature melted over toast.

Seriously strong spreadable its moreish …especially with fresh bread!:w00t:

preferably in a cake with raspberrys & white choc on top :wink:

Cathedral City Mature hands down !

for a second then i could only imagine a sponge cake with raspberrys and white choc on top cut in half with a big slice of cheese in the middle :smiley:

+1 :D:D:D:D:D:D

supermarket crap: Austrian smoked or St. Agur.
real: cave matured Cheddar from the gorge - wicked roads as well :wink:

Feta!! with some olive oil, tomatoes & olives :smiley:


you sure its not (jet)string cheese? :hehe: :ermm:

I forgot to add - Catupiry & Queijo Coalho (Brasilian cheeses)

isnt that a cat deterrant?? :smiley:



smoked cheeder :smiley:

Davidstow extra mature cheddar and Shropshire blue


Try a baked Camembert, shove some cloves of garlic and rosemary in it bake and serve with some nice caramelised onions or a good cranberry sauce and crusty french bread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with Hannibal, all cheese is good.

My fave’s are Brie, the really strong stuff and cheddar but not the weak stuff, again it has to be really strong.

BEST CHEESE EVER!!!..Directions for use:…Insert nozzel into your mouth…pull trigger…fill your mouth untill cheeks bulging…face mrs Smiled…bang both bloated cheeks with sides of fists…swallow remander…:D…


Thats melted cheese they serve on potato at Borough Market, aint got a clue what cheese it is though, oooooh, I want one now… :satisfied:

Isn’t cheese just milk’s attempt at a longer life?

Any kind of Red Leicester.