whats your fave all time bike bling?

Hey just a question to be asked, whats your fave all time bike bling?

Mine has to be radiator guard, and wavy discs, ooh and a nice set of pipes…

My Gold Plated …

Ashtray !!

what on the bike?

yep !!

carbon fibre,pazzo levers,goldie lookin chain…o and sprokets !

yes, carbon fibre, but the real good stuff, not the cheapo crap! ha ha

Is that the self emptying luxury model?

Check these out

Had too have em



All my bikes were kept standard, so no fav bling.

Show off !!!

someone gotta be!

Bet you bore your Mrs with one position too

BST carbon wheels

My Bike

My end can

My Blueflame Tri Oval Exhaust