What's your Annual Mileage?

I’ve done 10,000 on my first year on a big bike

Commuting, some business, fun riding and my summer trip to Corsica and back…
My current average would mean that if I bought a brand new bike it would be scrap within 10 years :w00t:

Who’s got the pristine low mileage and who’s a long distance veteran?


No idea yet.

Between getting the bike in May and now I have around 10K down, so by next May it may be around 14k miles.

I’ve been putting 4000 in my previous and this year’s insurance quote :stuck_out_tongue:

when i worked it out, im doing 9k a year commuting, though i couldn’t tell you what ive actually done as the taco has gone…

I have done 7,000 since last september, which is my first year, of those about 5000 were in the last few months :smiley:

i’ve had my first bike ever for 3 months now and done 4kkm so 2.5k miles
i try to reset my counter everytime i fill up since im living in central now, and i found that i got about 130km out of one tank around 17 quid in roughly a week,. +/- 1 day i fill up once a week.

im gonna try riding more economically to see how big the difference will be. atm going quite hard at every green light ^^

ahh the beauty of discovering this world!

although after the crazy supermoto video thread i wanna get one!

is is bad that i fill up every day :blink: with the job i’m on at the mo i’m looking at 7500 in 10 weeks and i’ve already done nearly 10thou since i got my current bike in may gulp :unsure:

Done 13k since march with no commuting…

did 18k in my first year. fun only…:smiley:

Do about 15000 20000

Including commuting

Depends the most I’ve done in one year was nearly 16K I think, the other year was less than 900.

I have…05 KTM superduke garage queen 17000 in 5 years , the 79 XS weapon of minor infraction 3000 miles in 3 months with intemittent park ups due to work ongoing .

I do between 10-15K per year… Don’t know how but I just manage to. I’d say uni has a lot to do with it.

untill last year when i got my shoulder busted i was averaging about 20K a year

i’m probably on 10000 per year, got short commute though only 14 miles a day total.

I’ve done 14,000 in my first year.

Lol…you lot ride a lot more than me. I do about 3-4k /year. Fun only and not much winter riding at all.


60,000 so far this year since March, average about 1500 a week, but on the road all day, everyday. Add another few thousand for pleasure riding.:slight_smile:

w0w respect to stuts ! i wish i could be on the road all day every day, what do you do?

i tried to post a thread about courier work but it didn’t come through.

how to get into it?
what to watch out for?

I’m a courier unsurprisingly. Believe me, after 16 hours on the motorway in sub zero temperatures, you wouldn’t want to be on the road all day, in the summer months its a different story obviously.

As for getting into it, best advice is not to bother, not a lot of money in it anymore unless you know London backwards, have a bit of luck and good controllers. Oh, and it’ll destroy your bike in a couple of years.