What's worse - T shirt or his hair cut ?

Local council say T shirt is offensive http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/low/england/cambridgeshire/6943734.stm

Why can’t these people focus on doing a proper job rather than stuffing their noses into things that don’t concern or affect them or anybody else In any case, if you’re offended by a T shirt like that then you have issues and a T shirt is the least of your problems !

That’s one of the slogans that sometimes features on the wall above my desk

offs we cant even wear what we want these days, how about the ones saying “dip me in chocolate and feed me to the lesbians?” this country is getting too pc

i couldnt think of another example on the shirt

And the scarey thing is you probably know a great deal about hiding bodies…

Mad has admitted as much on a different thread, under the patio

as reagrds mad, i thought as much…

Oi, stop with the character assasination! I have not and never will bury anyone under a patio… there is a much better way than that

If you want to bury a body, don’t do it anywhere that people walk their dogs - it always seems to be someone out for a wander with their pooch who finds a shallow grave

Sorry! Honest…

After all I want to stay in your good books as I don’t want my body dumped where no one would fond it - vanished without a trace…

It appears the t-shirt along with the bloke could use a good wash…

I would suspect the truly offensive item would be the odour…

Disolved in a vat of hydrochloric acid and swished away down the drain, that sounds suitably effective and also cleans the drains in the process, bargain

It’s not all that effective… a few bits get left behind! (I don’t think hydrochloric acid would be any more effective than sulphuric acid)


Yes! I read that somewhere…

Any other top tips? Are feeding people to pigs really a good way to get rid of a body? Surely there’ll be traces in the mess made by the pigs???

Just interested honest!

lol oh dear oh dear.

I thought it couldnt get any worse lol

No idea, it’s not one I’ve encountered (yet)

I do have a cunning plan (the result of a rather random conversation at work the other day), it would be hard to carry off but would be almost untraceable

My take on this is someone with very little or no power wished they had some or more.Someone quotes the Public Order Act and has obviously nver taken anyone to court and found how offensive you really have to be to get a conviction.This would not get past the CPS “probability of winning” standard.If you got a notice off one of these muppets,not that they’ve got any power to detain you and ask for your details,you would refuse to pay and demand a court hearing as is your right.

As to the acid question I would have to bow to the Mad person of knowledge!!

where do u get them t-shirts from???

i want 1 hehe

And what pray tell is a ‘street warden’?

I got told to get changed when i turned up for work in my ’ I came on Eileen’ tshirt.’

apparently it may have offended someone!!!

his surname is pratt. sniggers

Reminds me of the t-shirt from the black metal band Cradle Of Filth, with the cheery slogan “JESUS IS A C_NT” on the back. Wanted one years ago but would never have the balls to wear it to be honest. There were a couple of court cases with people getting done for wearing that tee.