What's the view like from your front room?

Erm the glass is in kind of finished yeah. I would like to knock it down though hate the idea of it opening it means I can’t go anywhere or park outside my house when events are on.

Great in the summer months pete as you know,loads of bikers, prehaps next year an LB ride out from the ace should be sorted? tea and scones on the village green, maybe even get one of the artists to do us a painting. LOL

I’m just up near West Kensington tube station off the North End road. Moved here from leafy Islington so I could have a garage and not be the wrong side of central london from all my friends. Couldnt handle the N19 bus anymore at 3am!

Like lucky 13 SE4, At work at the moment but out of the front window, can see the hole where the front garden used to be. Now a half built bike bay with two chains in the ground, a tree, a telegraph pole, Our and nextdoor nieghbours cars, and the houses across the road. Look out the back and I can see the garages at the bottom of the garden and if up in the loft conversion can see Crofton School and the Ladywell wreck.


I live on a private State and my front view are only trees and on the back there’s a small Coppice with 30fit trees as well I would take a pic but I when leave home it’s dark and come home it’s dark again…

A private state? What, like Texas or summink?

LOL! I wish Texas was mine mate! No it’s a private road with a bunch of houses in Cristal Palace SE London

Cant believe they have people like you on this site!!!
Out of one window is regents park and madame tussauds and out the other is Marelebone Church
I live above Baker st tube!!!
London enough for ya? Ya gay matching leather wearing no bike pussy!

He means Estate. Cezar… hehehe

Oh! My bad English again! Sorry…


I have 3 bikes, none of which even approach the “Dale Winton on wheels” status of your 660.

(PS Where did you get your new air filter, how much?:blush

I’m in the sought after N17! right on the river Lea and backing onto Walthamstow reservoirs but also next to a main road The cars and local tube make quite a racket quite a lot of the time - definitely London!

Ha ha you crack me up!
Got it from Scorpion Racing 020 8211 4888
RX-3900-1 is the part number
Order a small breather filter with it too
Carb boot I got from your/my mates at Brackens £6
The tube to join them is normal black plastic rainwater downpipe
Booked into HM on the 22nd so it should be fully sorted
Your 660 running then?

tw15 2nd floor flat, from living room window i can see a lovely pear tree, downstairs neighbours garden, the corner of my shed in my garden , green come playing field then a super view off the back of the bp headquarters

Ell - not yet, but it will do once the swampmeister has worked his own peculiar brand of orange magic!

It’s on the southern supermoto grid next season.

Should go quite well after hes had his evil way with it!