What's the view like from your front room?

How many of us here are proper London, and how many are out in the sticks?

Here’s my view.



No picture attached but I can see the arch of wembley stadium out of my front room window and the stadium itself is about 2mins drive away.

Nice, is it looking anywhere near finished?

DP - Looks like your council tax is going to go up then

It always goes up doesn’t it??? (Is there something I should know?)

Damn you DP - no need to rub noses in it mate!!!

At work at the mo, all I can see from our basement window is a 6x6 grotty patio through tinted glass (could never figure that out as we are below ground level with little enough light…) Will get home and wont see anything cos its dark, wont see anything in the morning cos its dark still!

Winter blues anyone?

Where are you DP? Looks beautiful!

There is a new scheme that is based on how good your view is and if you have another bathroom etc. So the better your view is, the more the tax.

You would have thought they’d learnt with the window tax in 1696 and the poll tax riots in 1990

I haven’t taken any photos of the view from my window (yet), but my postcode is EC1 … is that London enough for ya?

W14 thats pretty London. All i can see is the estate out the bike (mmm scenic…) and my neighbours out the front. At the end of the street you can see that massive office building by earls court which is 2 mins away. Is there a prize?

Year one Racing you must be within about a mile of me. I’m W14 too Goofy Thinking

e3 me. out the front our badly overgrown garden, beyond that a mini carpark for residents and next to that the phone box the local smack dealer uses to hawk his wares and also where his ho turn tricks. its very cultural street beyond that used to be a fantasticly scenic view of the A12 until they started building Loadsa new flats all around our wee 3 bed house. out the back, our badly overgrown garden (hmmmm, i sense a pattern here) then trees (blocking the view of more new/ half built flats!)

but as i am never there in daylight hours, if atall, i couldn’t give a toss what the view is!


I’m EC1 too and from my window I see fish and chips shop and the laundrette. What can be more London?

BTW Don’t leave your curtains covering the daylight! I just woke up, ( 3.30pm! ) and I supposed to go for a training course at 9.30 am!! Doh!

I see lies again…

Don’t get too excited, it’s Essex.

It’s nice down on the river front but Grays town center is a mile away!

Not that I go there too often.

Nice thing is it’s a 2 bed first floor flat with a double garage underneath - or “the toy-box” as we refer to it!

SW3, and I can see a high-end shop with a beautiful display, as well as loads of trees, including one which must be hundreds of years old. When I stand at the window, I see the King’s Road traffic flow past.

SW3 here too. Nice garden out back and quiet road out front.

SE4…currently road plant machinery relaying the road…oops looks like needing to call waterboard in too…one very wet road!

Year One Racing - you must be near me as thats the pretty view I have from my window

Nice quiet estate location, small green to front, large fields to the right with fishing lake and rugby club house, down to the left large wetlands with large fishing lake, around the area some great biking roads, near finchinfield, hedigham, great for sunday blasts on empty roads…London 45 mins away

ok…rub it in!!!

I know that area fairly well Neil, Finchingfield was a regular run for me 3 or 4 years ago.