What's the solution?

I stick my 650 versys in the standard transit up a ramp easy enough … .just take the remaining mirror and top box off

Secret is always try to have slight downhill slope when loading,once you done it a couple of times it becomes easier…saying that nearly dropped mine of the ramp yesterday​:joy::joy:.
I put 2 bikes in the van and went to wales on Monday ,my mates to soft to camp though so ended up costing 80 quid a night in b&b.

It might lead to a you’ve-been-framed moment but I used to load and unload my 748 into my van, using a simple plank of wood, by walking it up very slowly on the throttle slipping the clutch, walking it down equally slowly on the front brake.

It was a tight fit :slight_smile:

For those with large heavy bikes or with strength issues etc a good solution is something similar to

with a small winch fitted to vehicle bulkhead and wide ramp or 2 folding ramps …
i have the old version that is heavy but does the job …

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Something like this?


Nick, dunno why I have only just seen this…doh
I have a van you can borrow, its a Peugot expert Short wheel base, and it has a front wheel choc in it.

It will take a bike with about 20cm left behind the rear wheel, you an sleep next to it in the back…and YOU will be able to stand up in it…ha ha

Have a butchers when you come up on the 3rd, ill show you how to load a bike, there is a knack (which I don’t think I have fully got, but practice and all that)

You new wheels will be perfect, lighter than the kwaka!

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