whats the point of life?

so what does life mean for you lot?
we all got delivered into this world for a reason is my belief.
it doesnt matter what your religious belief is.
but going deeper into the meaning of life…
what do you think this game is about? for some people disregard family for the chase of money, some people are dirt poor but their family gives them the strenght to face all the adversity.

can anyone on here put their hand up and say they are satisfied with their lives 100%? the way their family is, their jobs, their friends, their lifestyle, everything, wake up in the morning and say 365 days a year “life is great” anyone on here really like that? or are we stuck in a life where we do something to get by, to feed the family but given the chance we would love to be doing something completely different - travelling, perhaps another job which we are not qualifed enough for etc?

what brings us happiness? What are the main ingredients? a healthy family? a beautiful girlfriend, a kid, money? what else? do we have all the ingredients?
why do we never aim high enough in life? how much talent do we have here? who ever thought they could become a pro footbller but couldnt wake up early in the mornings nd go training cuz the previous night they were out pissd wit mates…why do we never follow our dreams, we have regrets, doubts etc…what is it like to just let go and dance in the rain?
our life is completely in our hands, and if we want to do something we can do it but its all up to us…if you want to get fitter its up to you to wake up in the mornings and go jogging, if you want to become a better parent its up to you to understand your kid, if you want a promotion its up to you to stay later than closing hours etc…why is it we do what we want to do rather than what we need to?

where do we want to get by the time we are 25? 50? 70?
for example im 20 nw …want to have married my gf by 26…have a kid or 2 after we both happy by say 30… want a nice house here a lambo a ranger rover and s1000rr and a harley… obviously career success is important too, would like a lil condo in brazil…
want my parents to be secure and happy and healthy
never want to be no politically correct bastard…ill do time for things i believe in and even lose blood…
want to be a real man, with morals, having tried everything i ever wanted…never want to think “what if”…

what do you lot want?

anyway sorry… just wanted to get it off my chest



they say life starts at 40…

What do you get if you multiply six by nine? - that’s what you need to be asking…


Kids, Harley, Lambo.

We`re 67% satisfied with our lives. The rest is yet to come:)

We`ve had (separately)

Bikes, cars, holidays, step children & grandchildren, dogs, houses, adventures, breakups, bereavements, sex, deviations, job changes, operations, disputes, achievements, points on our licences, speed awareness courses, friends, journeys, experiences, much wine and music, boredom, attacks by Range Rovers, hard work, lots of fun and quite a few things we don’t feel like mentioning;)

All add up to what life throws at you - a lot of it is surprises so you can’t really plan too much too far ahead.

Good to see a young man with a plan but be warned, it doesn’t all work out how you see it when you’re 20:)

truss me im aware of this… but ill do my damn hardest to mke sure it does

Life A…Shit sometimes but you just gotta do your best while your here. You only get to ride it out once so don’t just be a face in the crowd. :slight_smile: Do the best you can. Don’t take it for granted ever :cool: and when you put your arms around that someone you love then thats your life complete. Love and happyness is the most important thing in life.

Its true what the say your only young once so make the most of it. When I look back I wish I had done the mover on the girl I fancied really bad at school what did I have to lose? Nothing? I was the hardest in the school anyway obvisously!! :smiley: but I didn’t have the minerals to do the mover lol :w00t: not ashamed to admit it I was in Love her loss anyway…:smiley:

Even though it seems I have everything I don’t wanna be a lonely fool :wink:

I got a bank account bigger than the law should allow,All of the women, all the expensive cars, I can make believe I have everything, but I can’t pretend that I don’t see. That without you _ _ _ _ _ _ my life is incomplete.:frowning:

Money can’t buy happiness I don’t think. Id take someone who cared about me over any amount of money for sure :cool:

Wish I could be forever young. I don’t wanna get old :crying:

But then again only the dead are forever young :satisfied:

go ******* get her whats rng wit u fam…

Getting old isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be - and it’ll happen to you anyway (probably):smiley:

No one WANTS to get old fella.

You get to choose what getting older means in a lot of cases.

Somethings you can’t control, the Barnet thins and certain bits get hurt easier and take longer to mend.

Solution, different hair - do and smarter training!

You forgot lunging cats!!! :smiley:

Personally I think that if in life you can improve the life of at least one other person, it’s been worth it… Money, cars, bikes, flat tvs and big houses mean absolutely nothing… Being able to say “I was a part of XYZ” and we did/changed something" is what drives me… :slight_smile:

I no mate. I no as long as I look like Cliff Richard when i’m old I should still be ok with a few ladies you know

Moto-King (08/06/2011)

I no mate. I no as long as I look like Cliff Richard when i’m old I should still be ok with a few ladies you know[/quote]Most ladies we know wouldn’t touch that old poufter with a barge pole:D

Jetstream (08/06/2011)

I fancy him though don’t you?

Moto-King (08/06/2011)

all bout george clooney no homo

iLLzYZF (08/06/2011)

And Julian Cleary. (he`s hot)

The Moto King says “Any Hole Is A Goal”

But then again I suppose Own Goals do happen from time to time en it?? :w00t: when its dark and your having a 30sum you get all confused :w00t: Holes everywhere :hehe:

Grass on the wicket,Play cricket :cool:

Moto babe, you ever out and about on yer multifarious bikes on a Sunday?

Wed love to meet you at a secret location. Not for kinky sex as were old enough to be yer grandparents, but we feel you are a kindred spirit.

We know you don`t ride far and are shy as a badger, so we will be alone.:smiley: