Whats the most

well mines 911 miles this weekend on the wales trip, while the rest done about 700 theres me doing 200 more not coz i got lost but after the ace i deceided to go down to Southend to meet stacy and steve and rizk5 and i got in at 2am this morning lol

so people whats the most you have done in a weekend

you my son are nuts!!

see ya wednesday:D(maybe)

Depends on what you call a weekend, when I was young free and single I once rode from Kent to Ullapool in the far north west of Scotland on a Friday, spent Saturday and Sunday drinking heavily in the company of a charming young lady and then rode back to London on the Monday, and went to work Monday night!

The mileage was about 660 miles each way and I probably did another 100 bimbling around up there…

You only managed to have the energy for Southend because you slept in an armchair snoring your head off and catching flies all evening on the Saturday - you youngsters have no stamina ;):stuck_out_tongue:

In fact Ang has some great pics :w00t:

With regards to miles, its not always the amount but the type of roads you do them on aint it Ginger :smiley: :cool:

500 odd miles is the most i have done in one weekend.

yep they were the most fantastic roads i have ever been on

Wales and back in a weekend. On a “proper” bike, capable of doing more than 80mph. Peanuts :P:D

Thats why Jim looked tired :wink:

Dunno how many miles it works out at but Brixton to Hull, Hoek of Holland to Assen, Assen back to Rotterdam, Hoek of Holland, then Hull back to London… over 4 days… does that count?

You’re not wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello jim, you were brilliant mate:)

Jim’s bike does a lot more than 80mph. At least, the one I took out for a test ride a while back, on those private roads, did. Was he keeping the speed down over the weekend, so you could all keep up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Debz here upping Robs posts :w00t:The Fuoco? And yes we just about managed :wink:

I’ve just looked at the fab photos. To be honest, I’m surprised if you did any speeds at all. I think I’d have been tempted to stop all the time for photos, or to just park the bike up and go for a walk, it looked so lovely.

I expect you all know at least one Welsh word now. Araf. Whenever I go to Wales, I think it imprints on my retina for a couple of weeks afterwards. All the parts of Wales I’ve been to, they paint it every 10 yards, like some sort of Rain Man fixation :slight_smile:

Last July we drove back from Barnstaple to London (216 miles roughly) then went to France for 3 days with Focused Events (1500 miles) only a few of those were motorway miles … That weekend was a challenge I can tell ya! :smiley:

A normal Sunday ride for us is 250 miles, none of this playing around town lol

Aachen germany 2 taunton somerset n back on cb750k
or going back further luton c taunton on a honda ss50 !! That was hard work

Mine was the trip to Millau and back in 3 days, not sure how you managed that pillion:w00t:

I think this weekend broke my record…

500 miles to cornwall and back
250 miles to Portsmouth and back - back at 1am, before
rideout with elad et al
nigh-on 100 miles

… wheres the calculator…

850 miles :slight_smile:

Most I’ve done is about 1400 in one weekend. That was to the Mosel valley in Germany. Great roads over there. :smiley:

What do you class as a weekend? Think its over 2000 miles, went up to the North East of Scotland. Stayed around the Lothians, did the north coast, Aberdeen, Inverness etc then back again. Left on a Thursday back on a Monday I think.