Whats the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you?

I was 16 and had just met this really nice looking girl. I spent ages getting to know her and needed serious nerves of steel to ask her out. Anyway I did and she said yes. After a few dates everything was going well.

However, my folks went away so I went out for a meal with her took her back home. One thing led to another and she was on my bed with pretty much nothing on. Being seriously inexperienced my nerves have gone through the roof! MMMM calm Terry calm your the man you can do this!!!

So what do I do! Slide of the bed try to take my jeans off get my jeans to about knee level and go to step out of em. Oh dear!!! I get my leg caught in the jeans lose my balance and fall flat on my face next to the bed! I actually just laid still for about 30 seconds hoping and wishing that the carpet would open up and swallow me hole!

Needless to say I never saw here again!

Thats the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you!?!?!? That happens to me all time when I find the misses naked in bed, cant get the feckin jeans off quick enough!

I remember when I first got my bike, the kids by the house are shouting “rev it rev it”. So I pull the clutch in and rev the nuts of it, how cool was I
Then for some daft reason I manage to let the clutch out and rev again, back spins up, comes round and highsides me off the bike in front of about 12 kids!! They were p1ssing themselves, I hate kids

Bound to be more embarrasing things as a kid though.

Not bike related at all but I was strip searched at George Bush Airport Houston Texas, felt a complete to$$er coz i really asked for it for being a sarcastic g!t!!!

I thought all the old bikes shook and rattled your teeth in those days Tony??? Hehehehe… How could you not notice! Very funny story, I like it. I used to ride into Central London every day for two years with a walkman blairing away, playing the calming sounds of deep trance or drum & bass… I don’t know how I survived to be honest.

Most embarrassing moment which one

The one that stands out summers day look’ in good bike looks stunning pull up at traffic lights next to two girls open top sports car short skirts tiny tops sit there looking cool as fook then fell over forgot to put mi feet down then had to ask the girls to help get the bike off me as I was trapped under it Doh !!!

LOL… Oh Mike, that’s so funny…

About three and a half years ago, when I still had my GPZ500… I went on a ride out to Box Hill with some friends… Pulled up in the car park as usual… Flicked down the side stand and stepped away from my bike… Turned round and then I heard this crunch!!! Looked back and saw my GPZ leaning against this Africa Twin… I grabbed the bar and held on for dear life…

All these guys came runnning over to help me. When they lifted my bike off the africa twin, the twin fell, knocked over THREE other bikes… including an RSV Mille and one of my mates bikes… I wanted the ground to open and swallow me up!!!

Can’t even begin to say how embarrassed I was, still makes me feel sick to this day just thinking about it… I can honestly say that I didn’t show my face at Box Hill untill this year!!!

lol @ Foxy. We were at Welshpool in Wales last year, a group of 50 bikes all lined up in the car park for a photo. Some guy gets his misses to sit on his bike, struggles to get her leg over and ends up knocking the bike off its stand.

Domino bikes does not sound good, PMSL laughing tho especially as my bike was nowhere near

Why is most of these are about impressing someone else, usually a scantily clad female I learnt the hard way about looking round at some honey = up a kerb, off the road, wallop. Made her laugh tho

Jesus… it hard just relating the one story to be honest with ya… I tend to make an arse of myself on a regular occasion!

The most embarrasing infront of the largest crowd was probably arriving at a red traffic light in town on an old xr400… I had kinda baggy skate pants on… coming to a stop… putting foot down… the feckin kick start went straight up me trouser leg!! Could get me foot down and went over like a sack of spuds…I think just about every que of traffic missed their green light from laughing so hard.

LOL, Floyd, very good. I’ve nearly done that quite a few times, got my jeans caught on the footpeg for a second, paniced, and just about got loose before the point-of-no-return occured!

Hi there Floyd… That’s so funny dude… As a wearer of baggy jeans myself… I’ve been really close to that happening to me…

What you been up to man?

Hey foxy… yeah… baggy pants just dont look right with bicycle clips on! I should’ve sent quicksilver the bill.

I’m good… been kinda busy I guess. I got home from Newquay, where I happened to meet someone… on the beach while making an arse of myself changing out of my leathers to watch the surf championships and been back over once since then (couple of weeks ago) just for the weekend like to see her… the rest of the time hhas been spent working on the bike and gigging. The instrumental/dance band I play in is recording a cd at the moment so thats been pretty time consuming… and its the Manx Grand Prix over here this week… so got a gig tonight and one tomorrow night and then biking all week…

Sorry, I bet you was just looking for a “doing fine thanks!” answer :slight_smile: lol

Hows you doing? keepin well? Healed after ya spill?