Whats the life of suspension?

As some of you know I have a 200 R1 with 15000 miles with hardly any pillion riding and the question is, when will my rear shock/front forks need repacing?

I have read that on some bikes the shock goes off after only 8000 - 10000 miles. the problem is that as I have had the bike for 4 years now and have not noticed anything wrong with the feel of the bike, but i.m thinking is this because its gradualy worn over the 4 years i’ve own the bike. Also I dont know how good a new bike feels like to ride ( Jay, can i borrow your K5 for analysis? ) or what new quality suspension feels like compared to my bike?

What about when to change the fork oil and springs?

Anybody out there know this black art?

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get the suspension rebuilt. You don’t have to replace it, but the internals could do with a refresher and the oil changing, and potentially springs, though I’m not sure on that front. Whilst you’re at it, you might as well get them upgraded so that the handling is improved.

There’s two top suspension outfits in the UK who can talk you through the options and prices, namely;

Also, locally, there’s Setup Engineering in Wandsworth:

Improved handling will give you more confidence in the bike, allowing you to ride faster, with less effort. This should be the first upgrade for track riding, if you do any upgrades! It makes a world of difference. When I got KTech to build me an Ohlins race shock for my K5, the handling was vastly improved, I have a lot more confidence in the bike.

Though of course, this is all for the track, the difference on the road is hard to notice. Whether your choose to simply have your suspension rebuilt to OEM standard, or to a higher standard, the above vendors will be able to sort you out MrGee.

Cheers for the info Jay!

Sportsbike rear suspension is supposed to be good for about 10K depending on riding style. Shocks worked harder will degregate faster. There is a school of thought that rear huggers reduce rear shock life because it can cause the shock to heat up too much. The air disturbance coming from the rotating tyre apprently acts as a ccoling fan. The front fork oil is supposed to be changed on a regular basis, not sure about your bike but the usual recommendation is every two years.

Suspension will usually go off very very slowly, imperceptable to the rider. Its only when you have it upgraded or changed that you realise how bad it was before you had it done.

As Jay has pointed out, you can have it rebuilt. I highly recommend James of SetUp in Wandsworth, really knows his stuff and can advise.

Cheers Chuffster!

And I’m gonna be looking at a rebuild/replacement for 7 as the shock is well knackered.

Hi Andrew, What are you looking at doing? a rebuild on the OE shock or are you going to change it for something like and Ohlins for the rear. How many miles has your ZX7 done?

Are you looking at replacing the fork oil and springs in the OE forks?

I changed my first shock on the ZX7 at 32K. It had had a hard life as well. I went for a Penske for a ZX7RR, it fits stright in and raises the ride height by about an inch at the back. I can not fault the penske, its great and I beleive it was slightly cheaper than the ohlins equivalent. The only thing I have done with the front is change the fork oil. James of setup engineering checked the bike over when i was on a track day at Donnington. He adjusted up the Penske on the rear which saved me over a second a lap and he said that the front was absolutely fine as it was. I have invested in a spre set of front forks that are currently sitting in my loft, the plan was to send them to Penske and get them redone, just have not got round to it and the front end is still fine as original.

7’s got 20k on it now and rebound is shot. Also seems to be no progressive absorption as it thumps a little now over speed bumps etc.

PDQ reckoned they live for about 18k. I’d planned on an Ohlins (can’t resist the shiny things…) but heard good things about Penske too. Was gonna check out Maxtons and the Rock Oil people (called???).

Don’t think the front needs any work, prob spend on getting brake calipers stripped and seals replaced. Mebbe Brembo master cylinder too… crikey the list is endless.