What's the farthest you've travelled to look at/buy a bike?

Been looking for a cheap kwak 7r ninja and seen a likely contender - but it’s up north - way up north - dealers seem to make the prices up for these bikes by spinning a bottle or something - have seen high mileage scratched up bikes going for up to 500 quid more than unmarked low mileage stuff. Law of the sod decides to put all of the nice cheap unmarked ones in places like Leeds and Liverpool - while all the *****y, scratched, ridden to timbuck 2 and back stuff is on my doorstep :rolleyes:

I’ve either got to be patient or dig the map and pile cream out - you know what 400 miles stretches in the saddle can feel like:crying:

Anyone ridden/driven mad distances just to see a bike?

I bought 2 of my bikes in Swindon, but that’s small beer compared with others I know. One went to North Wales to buy his bike, but just recently a mate flew to East Kilbride from Kent to buy a lightly used BMW K1200S, which he is very pleased with. If you think the bike is worth it, just factor in how much the travelling will cost to get there. And the ride home will be a great way to get acquainted with the new machine.

Got my CCM from Edinburgh…:smiley:

I did have help from someone who checked it out for me and brought it down to Lincoln…:wink:

Thanks chaps - your anecdotes provide a bit of perspective - I can see the point of travelling to see a high value bargain like the beemer or a specialist marque like the CCM - but I think on balance that it’s probably not worth going to that level of trouble to check out an old 7R - i’ll just hang on until something surfaces closer to home :wink:

London to manchester was the furthest and more recently only to leicester.

Both real bargains, Low mile machines.


i left my bike back in northern ireland, flew back in middle of winter and rode it 450 miles back (in February)

that was cold…

proud i did it though, felt sense of achievement when i arrived at ace :slight_smile:

When selling my 1100 slingshot the bloke came down from scottish land.

He come down stayed with a m8 for a few days come looked/bought bike back to his mates still in london then took bike all way home.

when doing this 1 thing that has to be is honesty which is wot i was with this bloke so he had no reservations to come and have a look and not be pissed off when he see’s bike.

My advice is wot communication have you had with seller and do you feel you can trust him and do you think he has been honest?

Get him to send loads of pics, if he/she is decent they will not mind.

Do you know anyone who can check it out for you ? On Saturday my friend looked at a Blade in Northampton for me so now when I go I know I’m not wasting my time

Cheers Choprocker and Superoli - I’m looking at a trader not private as there is not much in it with this age of bike and at least I get some (theoretical) comeback if engine turns out to be a bag of spanners/frame bent etc.

In terms of having mates to stay with/check bike out I’m afraid I have no contacts up north - the nearest I have ever got to the north country is watching Shameless on tv :hehe:

Top marks to Joey and steveright for getting on their bikes and putting up with the cramp/arse ache that often accompanies these types of mileages.

I reckon i’ll stick to south and south east - something decents bound to come up sooner or later.

Regards Sid :wink:

Bought mine from Doncaster. It was a quick journey back! :smiley:

Went up to Nottingham then onto Huddersfield in a day 840 miles round trip in an old beat up Transit, came back with two bikes:)

:Wow:f8cking hell! I’m gonna have to go up there now - you guys are making me feel like a total lightweight!

bought & rode mine all the way back from liverpool!
took virgin trains up.

couldn’t feel my arse when i got to the m25!.

go for it!.

went to leeds , not even to buy a bike .
just to look at it , with the person who was buying it lol

Got the train to Coventry the day after passing my A2 test to buy a bike I hadn’t even seen in the flesh (or should that be in the metal).

Chatted to the guy beforehand on the phone and explained I was having to get the train up and don’t want any nasty surprises when I saw the bike - luckily he was a top fella and I ended up riding the GS500 home :smiley:

I travelled 200 metres on my backside, sky, road, sky, grass, road, kerb and at the end of that I saw my bike catching me up, yes I brought it back from the insurance company, not the furthest journey, nor the most expensive but it was bloody painful.


I’ll buy bikes from whereever myself. So long as it’s a bargain, I won’t bat an eye lid at the price.

When I lived in Glasgow, I’d collected bikes from London before (840 mile round trip) and cornwall (more than 1k round trip). I’m now contemplating picking up a bike in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall - takes 7hrs in the bus to get to and thats from the centre of London! Eek.

What about going away with a mate and making a weekend of it? There are some great roads to be had up norff.

leicester to pick up my slingshot…woulda gone to ffkin spain if i had too…lol:D