Whats the difference?

How many people know the difference between a German Shepherd and an Alsatian?

Without using google or sumat to help with the answer… :stuck_out_tongue:

ones a German Shepherd and the other an Alsatian? :blink: :smiley:

if i answered this on QI, the idiot alarm thing would no doubt go off but… are they not the same, just known as a variety of names?

I thought they were the same - although Alsatian sounds posher.

Alsation has a French accent when it barks.

As far as I know there is no difference. Same dog different names.

There is no difference, the name was changed from German Sheppard to Alsatian during WW1 cos we didn’t like the germans and then changed back to German Sheppard again afterwards :slight_smile:

Edited: Wasn’t just the UK that changed the name, it was changed by kennel clubs worldwide.


There was/is no such dog as an Alsatian, it was a nick name as Tiggi points out.
Named after the French-German border of Alsace-Lorraine if my memory is correct.

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Im impressed… i was expecting all sorts of answers, even my mum who has always had GSD’s for atleast 26 years now thought there was a difference…

she thought the ones with a sloping back are GSD’s and without its an Alsatian… Nope sloping backs are because idiot breeders think it looks good so over time it has been bred into GSD’s but infact those with sloping backs dont look as good and have alot of hip problems by the time they are about 5/6.

Most people think GSD’s have short hair and Alsatians have long hair… Even a lad at work thought this and wouldnt beleive me when i explained the truth…

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Okay so how many people saw the comment on my other thread before they answered this question? Didnt think about that one did i :w00t::hehe:

One looks after sheep the is a dog?:slight_smile:

my german shepherd, nelson 8 yrs old