what's the difference between your mum and a motorcycle?

I alway wear protection on a motorcycle.

You ride your mum?

Well that does explain a lot. :blink:

“Your” mum, not his :wink:

It only takes one fistful to get my motorbike going on a cold morning.

Oh Martin - I expected better of you!! Mian - not so much!



I’ve heard it leaks an awful lot after a thorough session in the countryside. :pinch:

You can put pics of your bike, stripped down bare, on t’internet and all your mates will be impressed :w00t:

You won’t get disapproving and disappointed looks off your motorcycle if you go for a ride on your best mate’s motorcycle?

Your motorcycle doesn’t give you a biccie afterwards.

What were you thinking when you came up with this thread.

Either his mum or someone elses…