Whats the difference/benifits of Iridium plugs?

Can somebody please explain to me the benifits/difference between ‘normal’ and Iridium spark plugs?

Or is this like adding a K & N filter - which don’t really make a lotta difference on it’s own.

RobC (04/03/2009)

Can somebody please explain to me the benifits/difference between ‘normal’ and Iridium butt plugs?

I`m told the Iridium ones can be left in longer without causing irritation.:slight_smile:

Well that’s sorted then, as only Jetstream can mange.

Reportedly, iridium plugs work over a greater heat range, burn their tips less and therefore hold their gap better. There are also claims that they have lower resistance and therefore give a fatter spark.

As all of this comes from iridium spark plug manufacturers/vendors, it might all be borrocks. Or might be true.

I have standard in the bike but carry an iridium spare. But then I ride a big single cylinder bike so it’s a cheap option for me. If you have a multi it’s going to be an expensive mistake or a cheap power/reliability boost.

Your choice but I have better things to spend my money on.

I’ve put Iridiums in two bikes I’ve owned. A VFR750, a good difference, smoother at revs. Same with my Sprint RS, smooth on revs and no issues at all. You get what you pay for. I buy them off Ebay and save lots of money.

keep thinking about getting some, but put off by having to remover acres of fairing to change them :slight_smile:

I got an iridium plug in my big single. I found the engine was running smoother, particularly on lower revs, but then again, it may have after any plug change.
As Oldguys says, for us it’s a cheap 5 minute change, if you got an IL4 it’s something different.

spot on, supposed to be a better spark for less power although i guess as the coil and HT system is set then you get a better spark for the same power…they are supposed to last longer too…platinum plugs were supposed to be better than standard plugs as well but in some vehicles they can perfrom really badly…and have never been very well accepted…I have no personal experience of them but so far every attempt to better the basic spark plug has failed…iridium might be a small step up the ladder if you believe the hype…Ooh forgot to say iridium is very hard and a very good electrical conductor…better than platinum.


I use Iridium in my V2 since two and a half years, before I needed a new set every spring after the winter break.

And the engine starts immediately.

Greetz Carsten

Apparently, Silver is the way to go…:smiley:

Nology Silver Spark Plugs

Thanks for all the tips (Jetstream, thanks but I think I’ll give your idea a miss though :w00t: - no offence) :)It’s something I’ll consider when I need to change them. Although as I’ve got an IL4 if I do get them, then it’ll be from ebay.