Whats the best/strangest thing you've nicked when drunk?

I’ll tell you mine later.

I’ve got countless rubber beermats (the runner type that normally lies infront of the taps), got a velvet red rope, nearly got away with a chrome female torso once, tiki vase, pool chalk, small potted cactus… Essentially, I have a problem with nicking stupid shit :smiley:

Back in my university days, saw several of my fellow students trying to steal a bus shelter. They had cut through several of the legs with a hacksaw when the fuzz turned drove past. All the found was a quivering saw still in the leg.

Never seen people scatter so quick.

We were walking past the student kitchen at 7am in greece and noticed a huge delivery of fresh chicken ( about 200-300 in packaging) so we thought it would be a good idea to help ourselves to a couple for lunch the next day… The moment we tried to touch them there was a lorry on the opposite side of the road that was just looking at us the whole time and started beeping… needless to say we started running the fastest figures of 8 we could :smiley:

On a beach themed night in one club i manged to get out with a boogie board which was hung on the wall for decoration!

At uni i know some fellas who managed to nick a police sign from outsdie the station!

When I was much younger (and far less mature ;)) I got absolutely smashed and went out with my mate to see what fun we could have. We were actually round my girlfriend’s (at the time) house and both our girlfriends were upstairs asleep so after downing a bottle of vodka between us going out seemed sensible. It was 2002, and both the Golden Jubilee and the World Cup were happening at the time, so we took it upon ourselves to get the biggest collection of England flags and Union Jacks we could.

We must have been going for an hour before we went back and went to bed. When our girlfriends awoke in the morning, they looked out their respective windows to see about 30 flags covering the back garden. THEY WENT ABSOLUTELY MENTAL! Here was us two thinking in our drunken state that it was romantic.

I’ll tell you one thing, that was an argument I didn’t want to be having with one of the worst hangovers of my life! There’s just no pleasing some women I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not me, but I witnessed a penguin getting stolen from Bristol Zoo. It made the papers.

Whilst serving Queen and country on her grey war canoe HMS Campbeltown, it was normal to pinch the lady’s underwear that had been the lucky recepiant of that sailors charms the night before… on this one occassion she had hiddens her un-mentionable’s extremely well… whilst panicing about how am I gonna prove this conquest had happened to my fellow ship mates (this was a rare event for my ugly mug and proof was desperately needed.) I could only lay my hands on her TV remote control!!!So where there was a pile of knickers pinned to the mess notice board there was now a TV controller!! This then started a trend… by the time I left HMS Campbeltown there were somewhere in the region of 35 TV remote controls “blue tacked” to the wall in the mess…

So the lucky lady’s of Plymouth got to keep the underwear but lost the ability to turn their tellys over!!

Sitting on Southbank a few days before Christmas at about 1 in the morning and saw 4 guys had nicked a 6ft father Christmas statue. Was pretty high at the time probably thought I was tripping my balls off. oh and a mate got a way with an entire church pew from the pub, no idea how they got that shiz out.

Sadly I ain’t got much to my name but this thread sounds more like a challenge 'ey… :smiley: hint hint :stuck_out_tongue:

£20 says you can’t steal the door from Number 10 downing street…

Double dare ya mate:D

Someone I know got away with a cup and saucer out of the Houses of Parliment:Whistling:

The best thing I’ve seen knicked was (again in Greece)… A guy I knew went and ripped the flashing light of the scooter of the council enforcement team (they are used to enforce parking tickets)… He literally ripped it off the scooter. It was one of those things like you see in the movies police sticking it to the top of their car but was attached to the bike via a bar through the panniers

Door might be a bit tricky but how about the number 10? £10 says it’s mine :wink:

Not admitting to anything… it was a friend… of another friend… who heard it from someone who tells too many lies.

In fact, the following words are nothing to do with this thread, just random words I needed to remember…


Thank you.

A guys front door. Was at a houseparty and no-one likes this guy so we just went there with the intention of causing damage. We ripped the door off the hinges, and used it like a sledge to go down the stairs loads of times. We took it with us, but then dumped it cos it was too heavy to carry.

I really do wish my story of nicking the police thing was mine to tell - sadly I don’t think I would have the balls to do it!!! … i have nicked other things but nothing that was interesting! :slight_smile:

One Of TheseI Was A Bad Young Man Till I Was Out Of My Teen’s It Was Empty:cool ::cool:

We broke into an airforce base store room in Cape Town (mates lived there) and nicked 200 pares of army boots, all new. They were sold to all the school mates but we got busted cause a dumbass mate had to call his GF from inside the store room office and they traced the call back to him. The Bstard wasn’t going down alone and reported us as well. Cue a collective 500 hours community service which included weeks of scrubbing penguine $hit off the SPCA floors. :pinch:

We also broke into a Shackleton bomber plane that was a permanent display and left a 5l milk in the tail gunners window. It was still there 4 years later :sick:

there is more to tell but I might get into more trouble :wink:

I may or may not have re-allocated a few things whilst drunk in my younger days, possibly whilst serving in the forces… :Whistling:

Thse things may or may not include…

A 6ft stuffed gorilla in a zoot suit from a nightclub… :blink:
An armoured personell carrier (although we did take it back!)… :stuck_out_tongue:
A number of various drinking recepticals… :smiley:
A complete set of regimental plaques from Regimental Headquarters… :Whistling:

Disclaimer… Any or all of the above may or may not be true! :Whistling::stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean that you may or may not be in trouble :stuck_out_tongue: