What's the best procedure for dropping the engine out?

I’m removing the engine from my Hornet as I want to de-rust and repaint the frame as part of an overall refurb.

After sticking it on front and rear paddock stands and removing the header pipes can I use a trolley jack with a bit of wood between it and the sump to lower it out of the frame - then with some help lift it off the the jack and onto the floor?

Never done this before so advice appreciated. :slight_smile:

Undo the bolts!

I’m sure you’ll get a more sensible comment soon…



help Ninjaman! :smiley:

ask PJ, he just dropped one out of a 7

In my case I’d just call Ricky otherwise I’d end up breaking something.

if you are down to the frame then one way* is to remove the wheels lower the bike onto the engine unbolt it and lift the frame up

*some one might post the proper way

I wish there was a bespoke jack for this kind of thing - something with a cradle for the sump to drop into attached to a jack.

ive seen people lower it onto a trye

cool video of an engine drop out of an nc29


Thanks SM - the tyre idea is a really neat solution - engine didn’t look too heavy too seeing as he was able to carry it to his car boot.

I reckon i’ll give it a go.

Worth watching just for the choon :smiley:

youll have to ask how he got the engine back in :slight_smile:

The trolley jack/ thick piece of wood works well but needs a helper or two to steady the engine then hold that on the jack while you and another lift the bike frame over it/play silly bu88ers twiddling the jack leaning the engine a bit to push it out of the side.

Someone built like a brick $hit house will now come on and tell you that you can just lift it out. Yeah. Been their, had the hernia fixed.

Invite them to come and show you how.

You can basically just lift it out :cool:

exactly. its a 600cc bike engine not some beast of a cast iron v8 lump :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, everyone - I’ve deleted my next idea as it was stupid . . .

Good topic Ninja as this is the next step with my GSXR 1000 (well when I have the funds to rebuild the engine).


Yeah - in terms of my learning curve removing and eventually working on the engine is the next logical step. Good luck with yours. :slight_smile: