Whats the best Navigation system for motorcycles?

TomTom mobile goes probably on any Symbian smartphone. I have it on my SE M600i (UIQ3). You need a 1gig memory card to load Western Europe and 2gig for whole Europe.

You can get GPS receiver for 25+ quid.

I use mine mostly with serial earphones, phone in pocket or tankbag map pocket - not really good cause it lays flat and you need to cover it with your hand to see anything in daylight.

You can get POI’s like files with speed cams locations from PocketGPS world website for peanuts, as well as Sainsbury’s, Halfords, Toys R Us and many other useful places.

Probably getting a simple TomTom One would be more practical but I usually take enough gadgets for rideouts - camera, lenses, Tyre-weld, sandwiches… :hehe:

If anyone interested can help with setup

although i don’t personally own a sat nav, i sell plenty and therefore receive lots of feedback from customers… we have had many tom tom’s back with problems and as a company we moved to selling the Garmin 500 and 550, not sure about other branches but i have sold a fair amount and have none back so far.

I hope you’re not the type of biker that a) skips insurance because it costs as much as the bike, or b) doesn’t buy decent protective clothing because it costs as much as the bike.

If you can’t afford to run a bike, don’t buy a bike. :unsure:

That’s a bit harsh, he only said he didn’t want to pay so much for a satnav, doesn’t mean he hasn’t got insurance etc.

Some of us can’t afford the latest plastic rocket you know.

I had a Zumo 550 which I really liked, the mount cracked twice and was replaced under warranty twice with no issues. I think the issue was more that the CB500 shook it to bits more than a design fault with the mount.I sold the 550 and bought a 660 because I’m a enthusiast. The 660 is just sublime.

Both models were great to use on the bike because they are designed to be and they work in a monsoon plus you can play mp3s and control them easily using the interface.

There are lots of ways you can make a car satnav work on a bike but the bespoke models are nice to use with gloves when you need to que up Madonna on the motorway.

I use a tomtom 720 with earphones. It doesn’t let you adjust the volume so it’s freakin’ loud, first time it gave me instructions I almost wrote off the bike!!
I plan the route, put it in the water proof zip pocket inside my jacket and run the earphones into a cavity behind the foam in the helmet which reduces the volume but makes a surround sound effect when it gives instructions as the sound reverberates inside the helmet.
Longer journeys I have a rechargable battery pack for charging usb devices, mp3 players, etc which is quite small for the tomtom to plug into.



Get some headphones with an in line volume control. I have a very nice set of Sennhauser ones i bought on ebay for £12.

if you are interested in being able to programme a complex route with waypoints the most recent garmin and tomtom riders are great. the manufactures dumbed down there more entry level sat navs over the last few years to remove this feature…

As such, if you want this good feature (mainly for weekend twisty rides) consider buying an old tomtom satnav which will be somewhat out of date but will actually have more features!! Go figure!

I just updated my Nokia phone and got free satnav with waypoint programming… result!!

use a map.

So what exactly do you need it for? :unsure:
If you never travel to the same place more than once, ok a nav is a useful thing, but it is just a tool, to many peeps treat it like a bible :slight_smile:
If you are likly to travel in similar areas a few times and you are mostly using it in greater london, get a map book, you will never make the same mistake twice and can impress peeps with your vast geographical knowledge.

Learn the hard way and then it will stick with you for a life time :smiley: although a little practice is needed to maintain the memory :w00t:

Yeah, but it’s even better for reminding you of the regular “rozzer in the lay-by with the speed gun” scenario. I use pocket gps enabled on the tom tom to give me a heads up if I’m in an area I don’t know so I don’t get the bill in the post.



Most places of interest have shops with souvenier postcards and t-towels, many of these have maps on.What more do you need?For example, this has served us well on most European tours.

Yes, I can vouch for that. Stick one like this on your tankbag/inside your screen/over your clocks/ashtray and foreign peeps will think you are an expert transcontinental adverturer. Or just stop and ask for directions slowly and loudly in English. Last resort - follow Rioting Rob :wink:

not only reasonably unnecessary, but you do realise you’re trying to internet warrior a post thats 3 years old? :doze:

Had the Garmin 550, and hated it, now have the TomTom Rider V2, and love it