whats the best bike film

and i’m talkin proper films here and not ones like ghost rider etc.

whats your fave?

gotta be viva kneviel…hes my all time hero…!!!

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street hawk the movie!!!

Gotta love the Great Escape… if only for the fence jump to freedom

pfffffffffffffffff…as if you have to ask…

Easy Rider.

End of thread, thank you and good night.

I’m in shock, no one has mentioned Silver Dream Racer Surely the tin foil creation ridden by the curly permed god David Essex has to be the greatest bike film of all time ever



And that about exhausts the list I think

No ones mentioned : Torque or Biker Boyz. Torque is a bit pants, but some of the stunting in Biker Boyz is a bit special, its like being down the ACE but in the film all the bikes are pretty and brand new.

Funily enough… been watching quite a few this week - Quadrophenia of course, and now Mondo Enduro… got to say Mondo Enduro is winning at the moment.


the fastest Indian, what a great film that is

I have it on DVD if anyone wants to borrow it

Hmmm? For me it’s a tie between ‘Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town’ and ‘I bought a Vampire Motorcycle’.

Not totaly bikes but the ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ was good

quite like Stone, the aussie film.

Also, fixing the shadow was cool.

No-one’s mentioned ‘Girl on a Motorcycle’ - although less about bikes, and more about Marianne Faithful in tight leathers - hmm!



No ones mentioned the Cult …Leather Boys !!

Filmed on location at The Ace Cafe !!

Great film that! The leather boys! On the old rubbish dump thats is now the underpass

I second Ian here… World’s Fastest Indian is excellent! Anthony Hopkins does such a great job at depicting the world’s fastest man on a “motosikkle” lol

Not strictly a movie, but I very much enjoyed The Long Way Round.

Sure, people will point out that it wasn’t a real motorcycle “adventure” due to the support team presence. I’ve even heard comments about it being about a couple of rich actors playing at dangerous adventure.

Despite those points, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and happily watch it over again.

Agreed!!! Listen to the theme tune when on my bike some times! Shame it only lasted 13 eps and was just a bodykit on a dirt bike!

silver dream racer is my second fav…nice and gritty…and a bluddy good film…

tying to find it as i havent seen it in years…

streethawk was the kippers tats tho….

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