What's in your ears when you ride?



Sound of your exhaust?


Another thread on here about helmets had a few members suggesting earplugs while riding. My racing team mate wears them while racing too, but for some reason I feel stifled if I can’t hear everything, particularly in traffic on the morning commute.

However, on longer hauls I do use in helmet headphones to listen to music where safe.

Anyone else?

Always wear either blockers or earphones when riding.

Moulded ones.

scala g4 for the talking and music whilst also having earplugs for the wind blast… and a loud exhaust. so I use everything :smiley:

Never wear plugs on my commute, though I’m only 20/30mph limits.

Otherwise on longer rides I use earplugs but looking to get some moulded ones made which have headphones in them.

I’ve started wearing earplugs in the last couple of years as I was getting headaches from wind noise. Couldn’t go back now. I buy the oxford foam ones in bulk, they appear to be fine for me. I just can’t do music while riding, I’ve tried as I love my music but for me it’s too distracting. When I was in Germany last year I had to do some autobahn miles so thought I would listen to some Kraftwerk but had to pull over after a few miles as I just couldn’t concentrate.

Paying for ear plugs is for chumps. My deposits of ear wax keep any noise to a minimum :smiley:

silicon earplugs, mouldable swimming ones are the most comfy I’ve tried.

I use Pro Guard ear plugs for my music work.

They aren’t cheap- around £150, but they are moulded to the individual and they reduce the entire frequency range, rather than just taking all the top end off the signal.
This means you feel more natural in the environment- foam ear plugs make me feel like I am under water.

Definitely worth the extra money but you need to make sure you keep them safe.

Ear plugs felt really weird at first - but after a while you get used to them and they become second nature.

They haven’t stopped the voices in my head though.


Wear good earplugs folks…mine weren’t quite good enough…:ermm:

Get old. It’s free then. Pardon…

Scala G4 too…music most of the time, the odd telephone call occasionally and the rest of the time Cheeky telling me off for doing something wrong :smiley:

Dear Sir,
On my way back from Garston this afternoon:

Peter and the Test tube babies - **** The Millennium, 2000
Ramblin Johnny Stomach Pump and the Village Idiots – Norman On The Platform
Air- Run
Pendulum - Slam

Do I win five pounds?

ps, guck foogle

Haha nice scorch, I was in garston today but in the cage, not bike.

The scala is an interesting bit of kit! How do you rate it? I’ve been using a French thing called the iBike rider V2. It’s wired, not Bluetooth, but pretty good.

PJ, have you always raced with plugs in? On only since you’ve been racing tractors? :wink: