whats happening tonight? anyone fancy a mini meet?

Posted a bit late Kishan - 6.30 for an 8pm meet…most LBrs need a bit of notice mate.

Sold the mini too :smiley:


But…What happened to the regular LB Curry nights? Reckon you should get onto it and resurrect a once regular tradition!

We’re all up for curry but no drink as I’m not catching a bus to harrow from streatham then back again!

The more you say my other mates the more your just saying you can’t be bothered with anyone on here.

More notice
More central

and can you blaim me??? look at how some people have behaved in this post. was it needed??? no dont think so. so the answer to you question no i cant be bothered with some people on here im done making an effort with some of the LB members a simple yes or a no answer would do than the twatish replies.

No :smiley:
Simples… :laugh:

Man, give us a weeks notice, so we can organize plant sitters, wash our dogs, brush the kids or whatever. Look at the last minute ride outs that no one shows up to, it just does not work we all need time to juggle the rest of our lives to fit in things we would like to do.



this is a forum.

if everyone would just reply with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it wouldnt be really popular…:smiley:

Dear Kish,

May I call you Kish? I hope that you weren’t offended by my lack of response to your invitation to join you for curry and beers last night, I was unaware that a response was required.

It’s customary to include an R.S.V.P. (répondez s’il vous plaît) to an invitation if you expect a response for planning purposes.

As you know, I was unable to make your informal gathering last night, I hope you had a wonderful time with those that could make it.

Yours sincerely


lol thanks prawn