whats happening tonight? anyone fancy a mini meet?

much happening tonight? anyone fancy having a mini get together and have a curry and a drink in a pub at 8ish?

I’ve only got a escort :slight_smile:

borough market?

lol ok those who arent going BM tonight do you lot fancy going pub for a curry and a beer or soft drink and have a mini meet at a pub in west herts area or in harrow area?

Is this plan A or plan B ,is there a percentage ? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol plan A only if no one is up for it then i will stay inside but seeing if anyone was up for a curry and drink tonight

was thinking those who wanna have a mini meet at a pub for a curry and beer we meet at 8/8;30pm tonight at Flag, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 1ET , who is up for it ?

  1. Kishan

Would love too but no bike and no cash! :’(

no worries mate i know your off the road at mo :slight_smile:

yeah I’m up for this… oh it’s kishan so its a no go then.:smiley:

Could the mods make this a sticky??? :w00t::hehe::hehe::hehe::w00t:

Name a place and time and I won’t be there!

…much like the thread starter…

if you lot wanna be wankers crack on but this is a post for people who might wanna come out tonight as i have the evening free, so on a serious note who is up for meeting up for a curry and beer tonight?

right im on route now to the pub bye bus wankers catch you all another day meeting up with 2 of my other mates :slight_smile:

you should have offered to pay for their dinner, i think it would have been more appropriate…:smiley:

have a good nite mate!

kind of short notice, im sure by the time most see the post they have got in from work and already eaten and started to rest


Ok mate see you there…

Oh, sorry just realised that it was last night, doh silly me…so that’s 100% I won’t be there :stuck_out_tongue: