What's Chris Broad bleating about ?

Every time I watch this interview it annoys me more…He says one of the elite policemen got in the van and lay on top of him and that it " was not a particularly brave thing to do"…So lying on top of somebody to protect them from incoming rounds is what then?

At least 6 of the guys looking after them died doing so and I’d be really p1ssed off if I were family of any one of them and had to listen to his bleating:angry:

Spot on.

Yeah I thought that too - the police guy was shielding Board with his body - ready to take a bullet for him - while Board’s reaction was to rubbish this act of selfless bravery. To give Board the benefit of the doubt - he might be being flippant because he is still in shock - on the other hand, he could just be an arrogant c*nt.

Couldn’t agree more - since the incident took place, all I’ve heard is about the poor security.
Six policemen died providing security for them, FFS !
If they were that worried about security they should never have gone there…

It was poor security. Given the level of threat there clearly needed to be better protection than was in place. That doesn’t detract from the sad loss to life of those policemen (and the driver) but it does raise questions about why there wasn’t adequate protection and where the back-up response was.

And to be fair, they were given assurances about security which persuaded them to go there. You must be able to understand why they’re going on about it now.

Did they go because security was good or because the money was good?

Whatever…I think a bit of respect for the families is in order. He needs his ar5e kicking for the " not a particularly brave thing to do" comment.

Assurances about security in a volatile country like Pakistan mean very little - like you say the threat level is extremely high and n-one can guarantee security of individuals.If they believed that they would be totally safe then they are a misguided lot.

Not sure they believed they’d be totally safe - merely that they expected a higher level of protection than they ended up getting.

I just dont understand why the media is having a pop at the lack of security!!! for gods sake…the police protecting the cricketers died whilst doing their job! what else do you expect! some idiots are just to arrogant and selfish to appreciate what others do for them!