Whats a good way to boxhill

Hi all
Ive never been to Boxhill and Im thinking of venturing out this Sunday After looking at maps Ive made up this way

any ideas tips etc greatfully welcomed , obviously the more scenic and twisty the better

If that’s fun let me know cause I live in Epsom and always go the boring way down the A24 :slight_smile:

The Zig Zag Road is full of speed bumps, cyclists and pedestrians and I avoid. The other route, down Headley Road is my favourite route to Box Hill. Jestream call it Giuliano’s Back Passage.

I’m not sure I want to be riding through that to be honest… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Named by Mr Alex Gold Esq, we just pinched the name from him:D

hey mikey, lets see some pics of them bikes you got listed.

theres a pic of the cafe in the ‘newbie’ section under 'need to ride
will post the tourer ones up too

love the cafe m8.

just waiting for a chance to ride it now

did you do it yourself or buy it like it etc?

Bought it off a mate who built it as it is now as a 80% finished bike so Im going to finish it off but in fairness all the hard work has been done