Whatcha doin' with that bicycle Guy?!!

Yep, Rourke have built Guy Martin the ultimate fixie! He’s going to attempt a British record of over 110mph on it …“Speed” will be screened on C4 @ 8pm on 29th Dec.
Gotta see this!
More pics on Rourke’s website … http://www.rourke.biz/gallery.shtml

blimey. weird there’s no drop bars though

I think the purpose of the truck is to create an area of negative pressure, so wind resistance less important?

awesome… can’t wait for this!

Thanks for sharing, it’s now on my ‘to watch list’

No probs. Of course, there’s loads of “proper biker” stuff in Speed too! There’s 6 parts I believe. It’s just the first episode on 29th.

If you check out Guy’s website, he’s well into his mountain biking, and now into riding road bikes … fixies especially.

I’m told by Rourke that stability is “the name of the game” with the flat bars, and as Scorch said, drag is reduced by the support vehicle (truck).

112.94mph … I think they said. Record broke. Good effort!

That was cool.

And I managed to understand half of what he said, my own personal best :smiley:

That’s must be really annoying, that person who holds record of fastest bicycle speed in UK is a man who is known as motorcyclist :slight_smile: Good “in your face lycra boy” moment.


Just pray Alex Gold didn’t hear that :laugh:

I love that he did it in leathers and a motorcycle helmet. Ever tried cycling wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet? I have, and it is hot and uncompfortable!

I overheat cycling to work in shorts in december, boil in the bag leathers would be no fun.

I don’t quite get up to 110mph mind…

watched this last night, I loved the look on his face in the racing truck

Full Leathers, lid and on sand mind you. Total brass balls stuff!

“Good “in your face lycra boy” moment”

Loved it when he was suited in lycra for the training and said “I’m 31 & never felt so unmanly in my life”