what you got planned for the day??

morning all!!

what have you all got planned for the day??

i’m in a classroom this morning then its off to the gas chamber for fun and frollocks to scrub up on my respirator drills. treat!!

I forsee I’m gonna have a pretty boring and uneventful day… so am gonna leave extra early and just blat around town before i have to go to the office

Adam - so much fun! I’m at an ‘innovation lab’ in the Orange Studios in Brum today - so they bike wont even see the outside of the garage.


Have got a meeting at 7.30… whos mad idea was that! then 7hrs of dreary work,

gas chamber sounds like more of a laugh though, do they still make you run around inside, then take your mask off and shout out your name rank and number as many times as possible till you get a lungful of cs???

oh the golden days of my youth!!!

Will they make you show them how you go to the loo in your bio suit? Oh, the good old days…

For me, it’s an exciting day of drawing and looking at the river. It’s a hard life!

Me? Bit of this bit of that! Enjoy the NBC Ad’s


I,ll be up a ladder renovating most of the day and when I get down I,ll be running about buying more materials !!



a she-wee would have come in handy for a bio suit

i’m off across the fields on this lovely day to the post office in Farningham in me wellies…then the rest of the day bashing pots and…i’ve got a few friends coming over to my thread for chicken stew

have a good one

im fitting an exhaust system!!! with a load of noisey school kids could be worse it could be oil changes!!! wat a mess he

Training course all this week…

have you managed to gas yourself then yet adam???

Im fed up. so im gonna be grumpy all day! the salemen better lay off today

It’s not so much what I plan for the day, others do it for me. If it was up to me, I’d be out on a bike (at this rate even a Gixxer will do ). As it is I’ll do battle again later on what is humorously called public transport.

well the gassings done for the day!!! battlefield first aid tomorrow?? woohoo

I had loads of work planned for today. Did I get any of it did? Bugger did I… I never even got as far as work this morning - ended up coming off the bike on Waterloo Road (less than a mile from work, sod’s law), having crashed into a blind, deaf and idiotic pedestrian that saw fit to jump out at me from in between two double decker buses. He hung around until the ambulance arrived, and then saw fit to do a disappearing act. I’ve ended up with ripped kit, in need of a new helmet, with a scratched up bike (and top box). Exxxxxxcellente! What’s tomorrow gonna bring I wonder?

but you are ok though??..what a bu**er babes…big hug

oh keti!!
hows the bike?? and i take it alls ok with you???
at least you got the day off work eh!!

Aye, I’m ok… just very sore. This seems to be a recurring theme of the past few weeks

I’m now at work to make up for not being here yesterday - poo!

The bike was duly inspected at 6:30 this morning, as it’s sat in the work garage. I’ve got a scratched up end can and top box, and a scratched up and very bent looking right-side crash bung. Not to mention bent brake lever. Ho hum