What you done but reckon no other LBr has?

So what 3 things have you done that you think are unique to LB?

  1. Crashed a bike on the way home from a CBT, twice.
  2. Had a helmet blow off from a gust of wind.
  3. Took a bush dump when biking across the Peruvian altoplano


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Blew up a CB500 engine. It is bomb proof apparently but if you run it with no oil it will fail.

Been in the news in Canada.

There’s quite a few but given what’s on the internet stays forever I’ll stick with the ones I don’t mind being haunted later

Crashed on a bike safe course
Been inside a nuclear power station (just above the core, not in the visitor area)
Occupied a building

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  1. Under the influence of Brian & Sue a seaside sortie for a swim (and a pee) in the freezing sea followed by a vegetarian lunch.
  2. The LB Pooh Sticks Championships (never got past the first round me).
  3. What no mention of a Jetstream Ride? Well here it is. A one off, one day, 600 miler from the Ace Cafe to Kirkby Lonsdale for a cheeseburger and cup of tea, 12+ hours in torrential rain! Never figured why there wasn’t any more than the two of us, pretty much like the time we went ice skating around Dunstable Downs on the Triumphs.
  • Featured as the main story on the front page of the main national newspaper in Zimbabwe.
  • Met HRH the Queen.
  • Cycled the length of Ireland when I was 15.
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Not sure what you mean? Surely others have done it?

Now crashing on a Pooh sticks ride… I can also pay claim to fame on that

Yes, everybody, or at least those who made it as far as the bridge, seems to have progressed past the first round except me ;-(

Ah now I get it …

I used to play with a town band in France, on the morning of the 14th of July the band load up, with instruments, on to a farm trailer behind a tractor at 5am. Then proceed to drive around the town and stop outside the town councillors’ houses, the councillors then come out and pay the band to go away, it’s a tradition to raise money for the band.


Was on 24 hours in A&E following a bike crash

There was another young lad who used to be on LB that was featured on said programme. Haven’t seen him in years on here, but you haven’t changed your nickname from something potato based?

@Michael748 What’s the story about front page news in Zimbabwe?

I remember Chips. He wrote the funniest post on here ever IMO. He was pissed, it was the one about the rideout up his trouser leg.

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I was there visiting a friend in 2001. It was right when Mugabe cut the country off from the rest of the world, and started the descent to chaos. We were visiting a national park, as you do, and a photographer approached us, chatted and took some snaps. I had a funny feeling about it, the country was poor then (more so now) but this guy had all the gear, and sure enough the next day, me and my friend appeared as the main story “Michael [secondname], a tourist from London, came to visit Zimbabwe’s Bird Sanctuary on Lake Chivero yesterday”.

They were so desperate to pretend everything was normal that a single tourist made headline news.


A Friday evening rush hour 18 mile tailback on the M25 due to a surfboard incident.
We made Crapital radio’s flying eye report :joy:

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Pulling a Teenwolf?

More Lethal Weapon :scream:

Appeared on prime time national TV for riding my bike

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Sleeping with Kylie Minogue.