What would you do?


Not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but has anyone ever done any of the “St John’s First Aid Course for Motorbikes”? If so, was it worth doing? Would you recommend it? Is it worth the £36.50+VAT


Is anyone else interested in doing it? If so, PM me, as I’m interested in doing it in the next couple of months…

I’m in, will PM you.

Yeah why not…Im in.

Paivi was going to organise a visit from them for us in one sitting… Paivi, not sure how far you got with that??

I’m in too but the next available one isn’t until June 17th. If you could maybe organise an earlier one for LB that would be great

Reading more on this, I have found that if I can get 10 people interested, then they will come to a location that is suitable for us. So far I’ve got 3 from the LB site, and 1 mate from work. Any more takers? Or is it looking like a visit to their offices……?

Good luck with organising this. As Abbey said, I tried but only four people were interested, so I’m not wasting my time organising anything again. It seems easier to arrange a piss-up than anything to do with safety.

I am interested as well

I thought more than 4 of us said yes…

Well, whatever, but they’d need 10. Also, the availability is very limited (as you can see from the above), so if people don’t sign up, it can’t be booked, and the slots become later and later.

ok, say we do get “10” to sign up for it. Where would you want to do it?

They have several locations in london, so which would be suitable for everyone? http://www.sja.org.uk/london/

I’m happy to go anywhere in London

When I spoke to them, they said that there’s more availability if they come to us. Some people replying to my earlier post (feel free to search for it) said that they might be able to provide us with a location fulfilling the criteria.

Okay found the thread


Only 7 of us raised our hands and said we’d be interested - and yes a venue was discussed but I guess no-one came forward - I suppose if we go to them we don’t need 10 do we?


One person said he might have something, another one said privately that he could try to arrange something at his work place, I might be able to arrange something at my workplace, Ace might be available (unless the BikeSafe cops or another lot have already booked it). They can do anywhere within M25. Much more limited availability if we go to them.

I’d be keen guys, I await further developments.

Ok what I will do, is to arrange to meet you all at the Cubana (be gentle, it’s my first meet!!) on Wednesday 3rd May. From there I will start to take down names and phone numbers of people who are interested, and make arrangements. Hopefully we can get 10 or more interested….

Failing that, I’ll point people to the website for individual bookings…


I was thinking of doing the course in July…… would this be suitable for everyone?

P.S sorry if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes…

I’m interested in this, I tried & failed to organise this course on another forum… So as long as dates are good count me in

Guys… Let me know when you are booked in to do the course, I’d like to come and do an article on it for the site…


I’m still in.