What would you do

Called her employer
Sent video to police
Apparently filtering is illegal (van driver says so)

Any damage done?

No damage she knew what she was doing though

happens daily I’d have taken it on the chin
And I’d hVe turned off the sound on the carema settings

before putting myself in that position I always try to make eye contact with the driver. Not saying in this case, but quite often people are looking somewhere else when “drifting” a few feet ahead. So it’s not always intentional.

Having said this, I what have called the employer and posted here - not contacting the police.

If it was an accident I would have done neither but she admitted she did it on purpose because I filtered in front of her and by all accounts from her it is illegal for me to do so. So she decided to drive her van at me without any hands on the steering wheel endangering my life because she felt I was breaking a law which is purely in her head. And she didn’t even want to reverse back knowing I was trapped under her bumper. Her employer was not impressed and pulled her in for a interview after looking at footage recorded in her van. To rid a careless driver from our roads would be a good thing. IMO

My helmet even has lights flashing on it so not seeing me is not even a excuse any more lol

How is that even filtering, you cut in.

Recommended reading

The fact is we have no automatic right-of-way when filtering – we are simply taking advantage of a law that allows us to use the space that is available. https://www.bikerandbike.co.uk/filtering-best-practice/

van looked like it was stopped before you went in front, a move any bike would probably have made. the van driver was just being an awkward cnunt. Moving with out her hands on the steering wheel  must constitute for some type of offence. Plod won’t do f’ all I suspect and expect insurance to sort out any damage. Probably better getting advice from motorcycle solicitor.

Would not have put myself in that position.

Btw how about remembering
Red means stop
Red and amber means stop
Green is go

Curious  . How many incidents have you had in the last 6 months now ? 

Probably better getting advice from motorcycle solicitor.
Doesn't work that way.  We only get involved if there is injury.  

If it is a question of a pending prosecution (which I appreciate this isn’t) then OP leaves themselves open to a counter allegation.

In 99% of damage only cases it is impossible to recover costs unless the claim exceeds £5K.

In this case, the standard of riding was actually very good right up to the point where the OP then cut across the front of the vehicle.  That ceases to be filtering or overtaking and potentially a case of careless riding on the part of the OP (which is subjective I appreciate) but a claim against the third party if you did it yourself would be laughed out of court.

I doubt even a dodgy claims management firm would take this one on.

Would not have put myself in that position.
Btw how about remembering Red means stop Red and amber means stop Green is go
Curious  . How many incidents have you had in the last 6 months now ? 
actually red+amber means prepare to go!

Also, I bet you would have gone for that I’m sure most people on here would have, I would have that is for sure.

What you cannot expect is the ignorance of someone who feels it is right to drive at someone.

The van driver is clearly a cunt, no discussion there. Hopefully she gets fired. Trying to ram someone on purpose, even at low speed, is the height of stupidity.

That being said I wouldn’t have gone through that gap… mostly because I’m shit at steering at such angles :joy:

Sorry to say slacker, but that is far from the height of stupidity. There is no ceiling for human stupidity…

You sure?


And as it was an approach to a crossing with zig zag lines no i wouldn’t have gone for it as nothing to be gained .

If so many others would do the same I has a question…

What is the forward plan cutting in front of the van, where are you going?

Presumably to then make progress on the left of the vehicles ahead. Which if they are stationary, isn’t the biggest crime known to man. ( moving would be different)

Anyhow, back to driver, yeah a proper pillock who no doubt has developed an extreme dislike of filtering bikes. We’ve all encountered them, I think there is like a huge envy / jealousy (right word?) as the bikers make progress at busy times…

Commuting in London is a game of chance
You make a decision to do something and it’s goes tits up you take it on the chin and learn from it
Undercutting is usaly the preserve of scooter delivery morons

My point is this, what was the forward planning?

At around 2:40 there are three temporary road signs for road works, traffic lights and road narrows ahead. The rider cannot see through the van or what is in front of the van. The rider has no real idea or clue why the van had stopped or what lies ahead. The van may have stopped to give way to another vehicle or pedestrians. The rider simple cannot see ahead other than that the road narrows and no progress can be made on the off side ahead of the van. Regardless of all this the rider continues on his merry way and cuts in at the last possible moment and selfishly takes up the ‘safe space’ left by the van driver.

Of interest Highway Code Rule 167 

DO NOT overtake where you might come into conflict with other road users. For example…
where the road narrows…
where traffic is queuing at junctions or road works…

Sorry to say slacker, but that is far from the height of stupidity. There is no ceiling for human stupidity... CBR500R commuter
Good point.