What would you do next?

You turn right on to a residential road speed humps and signs all over and even islands. There’s no traffic just a stopped motorcycle in the middle of the lane in front of you.

Pull a wheelie over the speedhump as you go past the motorcycle, staring firmly at him?

Road closed

Keep Erm coming this happened 30mins ago

Is there anyone on the motorcycle and is the engine running? Could be a robbery. I’d drive around it. I’m assuming this is a week day in which case I won’t be on the bike.

The bike is running the rider is sitting on it with the brakes on feet down looking diagonally to his right

Am I in a car ?

Road closed and the rider contemplates a short cut over the grassy knoll :ermm:

Yes your in a car

I probsbly stop an look in the same direction an if the was a situation i thought i could help in get of the bike do so if no situation pull up closer to him an ask if he was all righ then get on my way if no assitance was required .

Normal people realise your stopped for a reason , wait to see what it is in a safe and curteous manner.

Others drive around you and hit the back of the car you are waiting to let out the driveway / road ?

I’d first see if there’s oncoming traffic that he’s waiting for. Then, if I can’t see the reason to wait, I’ll make sure that his mirrors would be able to see me and flash my lights. Still nothing, then a toot. Still nothing, if I can get through the gap and there is still no response, I’d try and squeeze past.

A foxtons mini thought it would be best to drive up to me then think I’d rather not wait, go over the humps the wrong side of the road then see its full of school kids and parents crossing the road. Slam on the brakes and scared them all half to death as they had bumped up the curb.

Now come on they could of seem this down the other end of the road if they had looked!!!

I would probably slow down and stop behind the motorcycle then wait for a minute (about 3 seconds) the light up the high beams. If that didn’t get a reaction I’d blast the horn. This usually results in the vehicle (car or motorcycle) turning on their indicator to indicate that they actually intend to stop and shame on you for not reading their mind. This results in me driving round the vehicle with a drive by on the horn for good measure.

I’m just shocked to the behaviour of some people out there. I wasn’t put at danger but about 10 kids and afew adults were.

I didn’t bother to stop them or take thier plate down but to say it in here as I know a lot of people don’t think about looking because their too busy trying to get somewhere.

Foxtons Mini All you needed to know.

Did you put your hand up as a gesture for the car to stop? I know you shouldn’t of had to… but hey, this is London!

The highest insult for another Londoner is to address them “foxton”.

“calm down foxton” / “nice suit foxton” / “foxton hair” / “foxton tan” / “what a bunch of mini foxtons” etc. It’s the insult that keeps on giving.

Foxtons - for when you’re not sure what you want to do after GCSE’s, but are sure you’re a ****.

hahaha got love for this!!