What would you do in a world without LondonBikers?

I would get some work done for one!

erm me too!

plus i’d have to make a nuisance of my self elsewhere!:stuck_out_tongue:

Get a real life and a proper job instead of sitting infront of a screen in a cube farm.

Talk to real people.

Rock slowly back and forth whilst blowing spit bubbles and moaning.

(Just a normal day then!) :smiley:


Does this mean we are all figments of Johns imagination? Scary thought there.

As I only have access during work time at the moment and only when it is quiet, the evenings seems somewhat hollow at the moment. Roll on friday when my dsl is activated and I can avoid the real world.

ditto to ALL the above…

I’d go on a peace core mission trying to heal the world…or failing that…erm…nothing…may be sit at work all day trying to touch me nose with my tongue?


Stop with this dangerous talk! :slight_smile:

I would get my bedroom plastered and decorated (Julie) by Chris, who is supposed to be here working but has spent all day playing on London Bikers


Sorry - to explain:

Julie (the pillion person) went to work this morning leaving Chris (the bike riding half of the duo) in her flat. He was due to plaster and wallpaper her bedroom. She returned tonight to find a) not much plastering and b) Chris had spent most of the day on the London Bikers site. Ergo, if there were no London Bikers at least some decorating would have occurred.

But she let him off.

oh haha you didnt get it! sorry dude seems i confused ya i can see why, oops!:smiley:What would you do in a world without LondonBikers?errrmmmm errrmmmmmm ermmmm get it!?:D:w00t:

Please explain, we are but simple country folk and it`s almost time for milking.



Id just stalk you all on FB instead, not that I dont already :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have the skirting board in my lounge and hallway finished:Whistling:

And quite probably my streetfighter project too:doze:


Pretty obvious really…:wink:

I’d join City Bike Crew!!!:w00t::P:w00t::P:w00t: