What would you ask James Toseland and Nicky Hayden?

I think the answer to the JT question above has now gotta be an emphatic YES !!!

Although obviously not for JT though :smiley:

Bring on the Spies/Toseland swap for 2010 :cool:

Having been at Donny all weekend both JT and Edwards were very much the biggest crowd pleasers all weekend ( especially during the pitwalk - My 8 year old daughter loved her cuddle with Colin and is now his biggest fan :cool: )

JT: Will u marry me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about this taking a while, but I’m nearly finished writing up the interviews and will report back as soon as they are ready for publishing.

I’m with Tiggi and Nonsense :slight_smile:

Is that another kind of 3some you have in mind then:w00t:

pulls up a chair in anticipation :w00t::w00t::w00t::D:D:D

Well, they’re good looking girls :slight_smile: Would still like JT to be involved though :stuck_out_tongue:

4some :hehe: pmsl

I think JT might need some back up…:w00t:

Haha :w00t:

Did somebody call?!? :wink: