What would you ask James Toseland and Nicky Hayden?

Please use this thread to list the questions you would like use to ask on your behalf.
Just add a couple in your reply to this post.

If we are allowed the time on Wednesday morning, the ‘best’ few will be asked to JT & Hayden.
Use the following format -

Hayden : How do you see your chances now that the GP9 has been worked on to suit you a little more?

JT : What was all that about team mechanics between you and Edwards?

( I know LBers can come up with some really good ones )

Keep replies ON TOPIC PLEASE! :wink:

One for Nicky… If you really wanted to have a go on Canepa’s bike, why didn’t you just ask him?:smiley:


For JT

Do you see yourself in Moto GP in 2010 on the Tech3 with the likes of Ben Spies doing wonders on the Yamaha in WSB, and looking likely to switch?

For Hayden

What were you thinking with those leathers at Laguna Seca!!!:w00t:

  • What would you ask James Toseland and Nicky Hayden?

“Can you babysit my cat? I’m desperate!”

C’mon people!

I’m sure you can do better than that :wink:

Proper out loud laughing… :w00t:

Well funny…

3some? lol

'cuse me - that was my best shot!

Okay - here’s another then:

Dear James Toseland,

please babysit my pussy for me. I’m really desperate. I’ll throw in an extra fiver.

Yours sincerely.


james …where you gonna ride next year

nicky…where you gonna ride next year

joint question…why dont you pool your points :smiley:

James, Nicky, can we video your threesome with Tiggi?:slight_smile:

May we ask, whos for the highside and whos for the lowside?:smiley:

Nicky & JT:

With all the positives greater media coverage brings to the sport i feel the mounting press, PR, and sponsorship demands on you guys as riders is loosing us our ‘characters’ in racing, how much a part does this play in your careers nowdays? do you ever get a chance to say what you really want?

What? where? when? - first bike you ever rode.

Thanks PW.

Please feel free to submit more, as I have the feeling the babysit my threesome questions won’t take long to answer :wink:

JT - Do you feel that raising money for charity is worthwhile? How about LAA? How about we auction a date with you on LB? :smiley:

JT - Seeing as you’re hot, what 3 exercises would you recommend to the average fat biker to make them more attractive to female LBers, sorry make their riding improve? :stuck_out_tongue:

JT - something about his ride for next year but in a supportive way seeing as the GP is this weekend (I dont think I would be able to word it without making him feel bad :crying:)

NH - You seem to be getting on with the bike more in the last few races. What has changed?

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I’ll report the answers as soon as I can.

NH - Would you consider moving to WSB?

JT - Is it possible to be a top three finisher on a non factory bike in MotoGP nowadays?


i bet garret would love to ask them that:D

Jt do you think you will win a race in a satellite team

Jt do Rossi n Lorenzo get preferential treatment to you and how do you feel about it ?

JT: With all of the publicity surrounding your fallout with tech 3 rider Colin Edwards, and your “poaching” of his pit chief, are you not embarrassed that you are being constantly out performed by your rival this season? It would appear that he has infinantly more drive and desire than you currently do, what would you attribute this to?

JT: It would seem that whilst your moto gp career is hanging in the balance, your career as the lead singer of Crash is taking off… do you think that if you concentrated as much on your riding, as you do on promoting your band and making appearances with your band, that you might be more competitive?

NH: Its been great to see you getting more and more competitive on the ducati over the last few moto gp rounds and had it not been for being hung out on the first corner in Germany, you’d have been on for a great position in that race. From a riders perspective, how much are you concentrating on this season, and your final position in the championship, vs developing the bike for next season in order to give you a competitive package to race the season with?