What would make the Square Mile safer for riders? Survey from City of London Corporation


Got to love people doing polling on the cheap… So basically I (or anyone) could fill that in, without ever being in the city of London in the past 4 years…

Love a survey monkey survey… Surely for policy setting the standards should be a bit higher!

Where I live the council use surverymonkey all the time. All they ask for is a name and postcode. Is that open to abuse presumably?

Well slightly. Generally people are honest in surveys so you’re fine. And if they ask for postcode and name they can remove any randoms that are not in records. I’d query if that complies with industry code of conduct as technically surveys should be anonymous and your name shouldn’t be linked to survey results (exceptions apply and I haven’t seen the survey.)

It (surveymonkey) isn’t a bad way of doing surveys but the more checks you cut out of the data, the less reliable it becomes. For example if you used a panel and research company then could target the survey to those living within a distance of London, people who have gone through a verification process to join a panel (yes people can lie on joining those - it’s never perfect)

Admittedly bikers are few on panels meaning they rely on these tactics to get responses.

I think I was a bit harsh on them, considering the difficulty in sample collection and the fact the generally people answer relatively honestly (must have been a bad day). 

But it does frustrate me that people use survey monkey for important work with ramifications for the public. In our company I only rely on it for internal surveys or very quick fire, less relevant polls.

Also, we have a rule that any work to be publicised must go through external company to avoid our own biases… Basically it’s all about giving confidence in the data. I didn’t really go through all the questions but if worded appropriately, it’s fine. However my experience tells me that subtle changes to wording can significantly affect results.

The typos in the opening paragraph add to my concern that this has the hallmarks of sloppy work…

I filled it in. Don’t have to enter any personal details or postcodes. Just tick a few boxes and add a comment if you want. Worth a go in my view, nothing will happen if you don’t do anything.

I had a look.

I don’t like the bias in the questions “people crossing without looking”, “people busy on their phones”, “people not crossing at designated crossings” - this reads to me as someone trying to amass evidence to push for jay-walking laws. The City of London is a strange political construct and may actually have the power to bring in such laws. It is not a democratic body.

Even though people stepping off the pavement without looking is a potential danger to me as a motorcyclist, and to me as a cyclist, yet I am utterly opposed to jay-walking laws. We are all pedestrians first and foremost and the public roads should belong to the public.


Personally, I’d like to see jay walking laws brought in…and loitering.

The rise of the smartphone zombie is a rather worrying thing though.

Jay walking is an American term and law and has no place in our country. Pedestrians have the right of way everywhere bar the motorway and that is how it should be.