What would it take to make SVThou more like a TLThou?

Hi folks - after reading Ratty’s post regarding his desire for a TL it got me thinking about my SV and how I would like it to be a bit more like a TL (in terms of power output and attitude) - I always loved the TL but was warned off it (when I was less experienced riding/mechanically) by some of the bad press it got regarding dodgy suspension, cracked frames and the odd fatality which was blamed on the bike not the rider - I know that a lot of these issues were cleared up with subsequent recalls and suspension/damping mods.When Suzuki launched the SV thou (with a slightly modified TL1000 engine)they didn’t want a repeat of some of the bad press attached to the TL (or so the story goes) and lowered the power output and fitted more conventional suspension.

I wonder what it would take to turn the SV Thousand from excellent bike in it’s own right - to an authentic successor to the TL - I am thinking in terms of raising the power output (up to 130/135 bhp) and uprating the front and rear suspension (usd forks at the front) - it then might be what the SV thou should have been - a straight successor to the original TL.

Any thoughts folks?:wink:

They completely redesigned the SV, so its not just a matter of removing the steering damper or changing the engine over…the frame was changed, the wheebase, lots and lots of changes… It would be cheaper to get a new TL if you wanted one :wink:

I don’t expect a carbon copy of the TL - if I wanted that then yes I’d buy a TL :wink: . What I’m saying is that it should be possible to turn the SV into the bike that Suzuki WOULD have built as the successor to the TL if the original TL hadn’t picked up such negative vibes back in the late nineties.

The SVthou that Suzuki WOULD have built would make more power (similar/superior to the original) and would have been set up with more sports orientated suspension - I’m just wondering how I would go about it - I guess I’d take it to a performance engine tuners and then a suspension specialist. I’m sure this has been done a few times already - anyone know of any examples to blueprint from? (I bet Chunky does:D ) :wink:

To honest mate its like asking “What can I do to make my bandit like a Gixxer?”

The two bikes are so different in every way. If you want a TL, get one;)

You can spend a fortune on USD’s Six pots, race cams etc and still end up with an SV.

Why would you want a pogo stick anyway?;):smiley:

Fair points guys :wink: - I guess I just want to realise more of the engines potential and get better front end feel (which I might be able to achieve just by adjusting the yokes - e.g. decreasing the rake).


Give these Guys a shout,they turn out some potent SVs!!

Much obliged zxyogi! looks real interesting. I feel a project coming on!:wink:


i like SV thous, indeed i am thinking about getting one, but i do love the look of a black TL1000S…the just look mean, proper chracter…when the came out all the hype etc i was young, i thought i’d never be able to ride one of them!..wrong…i can…and maybe i will.

a mate of mine owned one, when i asked him about it, he said…‘get one’…‘you will love it’:smiley:

to get your SV up to TL standard power output i would have thought it was possible with some wise fettling, JHS , being the peeps in the know;)

why not mod one, USD’s beter pads, hose’s, new rear shock, decent tyres, ie pilot powers;) nice LOUD cans…yeah it rocks but it dont LOOK like a TL…when i look at a TL… its like the first time i see a pair of tits:w00t::w00t::smiley:

Suzuki did… Its called the TL1000R:cool:

Tune up the SV.

+1 :P:P:PChunky’s obviously right about the TLR - I like them too. The SVthou is a superb bike for the price and often won out in group tests over flashier competition on this basis. (if it had the same suspension, tuning spec as the TL’s it would have been more expensive and less of a bargain in the performance v wonga ratio).

I know what Ratty means about the looks of the half faired TL. The SVthou is a great looking bike if you clean up the tail etc - the reason it doesn’t have the same psychological allure as the TL is that it’s never had the fearsome rep the original TL had (and this was DELIBERATE on Suzuki’s part). I reckon with a serious tune up and suspension mods an SV could approximate the bike Suzuki would have replaced the original half-faired TL with. I reckon I’d also ‘rat’ the paintwork (matt black) to increase the meaness factor! :wink:




Oooh look, it’s a gixxer;):smiley:

Youre more than jealous Chunks that your TL could not compete with my ol TL! :smooooth:


Thought you said youd lost all your pics, Yogi!? Or was that a ploy to get more pics!? :w00t::hehe:

You are 100% right yogiIf you remember I posted that picture on here a while back saying I want mine to look like this one before I knew it was yours;)Now tell me you don’t regret selling your Tiller;):cool:

that TL rocks! nice weels;) love the gixxa seat unit, slims the bike down:D

:stuck_out_tongue: I have 2 on my works computer!! :slight_smile:

Wont lie Chunky,i do badly regret selling my TLR,should have kept it!!I had no reason to sell it,couldve got the 10R without selling the TL…but the Bostress was having none of the idea of 2 bikes in the garage!! But very soon she will have to live with it cos i is gonna buy a second bike!! :smiley:

Good man;)They just don’t get it do they?;):smiley: