My current job with more money and less red tape :slight_smile:


well when i was growing up i actually had a dream where i was a Gordon Gecko type stockbroker complete with the big house, fast car and red braces.

i was adamant i’d work in the city one day.

Well i have actually got quite close to the job of my dream BUT without the big house, or fast car.

I do have the stress and the bad dress style so i guess i’m half way there.

saying that though i’d much rather be a professional sportsman.


rockstar ,
one who actually plays good though

comic book artist

One with a 3 day week :slight_smile:

Matthew McConnaugheys masseuse :wink:

Although quite happy with my current little job (job - ha!)


job? perfect lifestyle would be millionaire lottery winner… job…keeping myself entertained with fast bikes, snowboarding and sweet rides!


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bike shop owner…with a locked front door and no access for the public…

In a perfect world, I’d be able to make a good living being a teacher…working with at risk kids…to try to help them stay in school and excel…to challenge themselves to reach beyond their present circumstances…get themselves into college and an opportunity at a better life…rather than drop out and doom themselves to a lifetime of want and failure.

As it is, I’m a Sr. Analyst with a major aerospace contractor…I make plenty of money…nice benefits…but I feel rather empty inside about it. I mean, I’ll retire and not feel like anything I did made a bit of difference to ANYONE other than nameless/faceless “shareholders” who care nothing about anything other than satisfying their own greed. :confused:

And with that little ray of sunshine, it’s back to spreadsheet hell here at the office… :pinch:

I would love to be a car and bike tester, testing all new cars and bikes which come on the market. And also get lot`s of money for it.

Quality Assurance Manager at Spearmint Rhino:cool:

i must be the only one on here that has their dream job already.:stuck_out_tongue:

Always wanted to be a fighter pilot in the RAF.

I’m with you snoody:D i am very happy doing what i do now;) just wish i could turn out more work and earn a bit more, But i’m not greedy and i’m not selfish so i guess i’m happy:D acheived my ambition when i was 16 racing horses and it were’nt all that so sewing leather is obviously where i’m at:w00t:

When I was a kid - rally driver
When I was in my early teens - porn actor
Now - wot he said above about being a millionaire, job being to entertain myself !

I have always wanted to work with bikes - managed to get into sales, so i get to ride them, talk about them all day, make peoples life’s (i.e you lot) better - i love my job!!

But now i really want to work for superbike mag/MCN/ PB doing bike reporting - or be a PR rep for a superbike/ motoGP race team!!