What wine are you drinking?

Some suggestions so far:

Diablo dark red

languedoc : both red and white are nice:

This is the one… It’s an easy to drink red. No huge depths but quite nice with food - quite soft

Me, I hate the stuff! tried many a different wine, but I just don’t like it.

funny isnt it.
me and my missus would go to wine tours even when we first started dating!
it was us and OAP!

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It is an acquired taste. But then again so is bitter ale which I’ve recently started taking a liking too

You can’t beat a really good Malbec from Mendoza with the vineyard the higher altitude the better in my opinion. Don’t expect to pay less than £100 but it’s well worth it.

I tend to spend between £7-£10 per bottle.

We got given a wine hamper at work with wines ranging from £20-£30. Some I liked a lot. Some I wouldn’t touch. I don’t know near enough to appreciate £100 wine Vs a £20 one

I don’t mind splashing to that amount for one I like but generally with wine, taste aren’t price often don’t correlate for me. Generally I’ll go £7+ usually like pan around the £7-£10 mark

It’s a bit like good Islay single malts. There may be exceptional whiskies but I can’t stand that particular variety

Currently enjoying Casillero del Diablo merlot, very nice and goes down nicely currently on offer in Tesco for £6 usually £8.

I know I wouldn’t be able to tell between a £8 bottle and a £30 bottle, doubt I could tell the difference if you included a £80 bottle. Not sure if I’d want to spend £100 on a bottle, no sure that I could appreciate it.

That said the champagne that I had was £100 a bottle and that was really good, and I wasn’t paying for it.

Free wine always tastes better :grin:

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