What Was Your First Bike?

If this one has been up before, give me a break, I’m a newbie:hehe:Mine was a Suzuki RV125, the weird looking thing with giant balloon tyres. Got it brand new from Cosmopolitan Motorcycles in Camberwell, cor, must have been early '76, I can vividly remember riding around in the Long Hot Summer of that year…Another time riding to Brands Hatch to watch Barry Sheene (and getting laughed at) Then I blew up the engine because I forgot to put two-stroke oil in it (cough) Still, got it all repaired under warranty :Whistling: :Whistling:Now I feel like an old bugger…

Think we have a picture thread on this one??

But anyways - RD 125 for me… loverly bike to start on.

First rode an ST70 as a kid, then got given a C50 :cool:

First bike I bought was a D7 Bantam :stuck_out_tongue:

my first one was a hyosung gt125

a nice first bike

i had a…PINK…honda vision when i was 13, we sprayed it silver…but we didnt prime it!:w00t: so it went all patchy and bist flaked off! silver and pink…ARRRRRRGGH!

My first road bike was a Honda MBX80 was so nice it even had twin front disc’s on it god knows why a 80cc bike needs twin discs but it looked great :smiley:

I’m jealous … I wanted an RD, but I got a CG125 … a good sensible reliable bike according to my dad. Of course, he was right, but I still wanted that RD!

Honda CA125 Rebel. Far too small for my 6ft6 frame, but still a brilliant little bike!:D:D

Blue TZR 125. Dropped it plenty of times. Never had a servo for the powervalve, couldn’t afford it, but I opened it manually a couple of times. That was fun! :smiley:

I had a honda c90 first off, bought it on ebay. The idiot that sold it to me filled it up on leaded…it wasn’t a fun ride home! LOL:laugh:

Puch Maxi (Red) Its a funny story, but long winded.(so wont tell in its entirety) It was bought for me as a surprise, I had an incling it was going to happen, but was fully expecting an FS1E, for those of you who remember that era. Did I get some stick from my mates!

In 1978 when i was 10 years old i was given a 50cc child size version of this Puch.

My Dad got me a 50cc Honda dirtbike when I was 8 years old…I got a 125cc dirtbike when I was 10. I’ve had a litany of 2 wheeled, 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled toys since then. Some dirt, some street, some dual purpose.

I’m an addict…lifelong. :smiley:

An orange Peugeot 49cc moped - i’m not even giving the year away :smiley: …Q

Suzuki TS185 for field type shennanigans. Ran for five years solid without a
service or any fluid changes. What a bike!!!

KMX125 for road use.

Yamaha XT250 in 1981

I was given a Honda C50, with the plastic legshields, as a kid, from my Dads workfriend.
Many a time i stripped the leg shields off, Checking the carb and the spark plug, trying to figure out why it wouldnt start up, only to find out months later, it didnt have any petrol in it (
I could hear some thing sloshing about in the tank, but didnt realise it was only the dregs at the bottom :rolleyes:

A few years on, a lot wiser, and the RD Coffin tank was my ride of choice. :smiley:

Mine was a Peugeot 103sp2 (French moped - See here for a pic: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fr/b/bb/Peugeot103spx1990.jpg) when I was a teenager, back when moped where still all the rage before scooters took over. It had the obligatory Polini tuning kit (to achieve 60mph top speed or near enough) and Devil exhaust.
They’ve all but disappeared now, but here’s a pic of one very similar:

After that, my first proper bike was a 1999 600 Hornet which IMO was a fantastic first big bike.

My God! what a long time ago…Shock Horror! 1971… my Dad bought me a BSA Bantam D7 1963 model, bought it from a guy in Chigwell for £40.

I had a suzuki marauder in 2003 as my first bike. 0-60mph in 3 days:D, but hey, it got me around, gave me lots of confidence and was fun to ride.